Spring Festival home buying tide into empty?During the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, more than 100 real estate complexes in Wuhan opened normally, with polarization of visits and transactions

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Although the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger has just passed, many sales offices in Wuhan are still open for visitors during the holiday.According to incomplete statistics, more than 105 real estate sales offices in Wuhan will be open during the Spring Festival, 85 of which will not be closed at all. Another 20 real estate offices will start working around the third and fourth day of the New Year.It seems that wuhan projects in order to sales performance is also a little “fight”!How about new house sales in Wuhan during the Spring Festival?Commodity housing 128 sets!In the country or in the forefront of wuhan market new commercial housing transaction record 131 sets, down 95%;The area is about 14,700 square meters, down about 95.6% from the previous month.Among them, 128 new commercial housing transactions recorded, down 93.4% from the previous month.The transaction area was about 14,100 square meters, down by about 93.7%.Although the number of recorded homes appears to be down, it is still 28% higher than the same period last year (102 new commercial homes and 67 new commercial homes in Wuhan).And in the country, according to institutional data, Wuhan transaction area is also among the best.Only 959 new homes were sold during this year’s Spring Festival holiday in 15 key Chinese cities, including Shanghai, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Wuhan and Suzhou, down 42 percent from 1,655 in the same period last year, according to Zhuge.Wuhan ranks top among key cities with 81 sets of data.In addition, according to the middle finger research institute monitoring, Wuhan transaction area ranked in the forefront of some key cities.At the same time, from last week’s new house transaction data, from the administrative area, the week huangpi district with 47 sets of transaction record scale ranked the first, east and west Lake district with 31 sets ranked the second, xinzhou district with 11 sets ranked the third.Wuchang district ranked first with zero units, followed by economic development Zone with one unit, and Hannan District with two units.From nearly 2 weeks of transactions in the top ten, hot items accounted for 70% of the main urban area, including Qingshan piece, Erqi Lake piece, Hanyang central district, Baishazhou piece, Gutian piece and other areas;Far city mainly in Huangpi and Xinzhou.From the perspective of supply projects, in the Spring Festival of the Year of the Ox in 2021, the increase and push are concentrated before the Spring Festival, with a total of 8 pre-sale cards, including 5 residential projects with about 938 houses.Among them, Blue light Yongjinxiangxie, Lianfa Puyue House, Greenland Optics Valley Xinghe painting, Country Garden Cloud, pattern year biyuntian and other buildings concentrated listed, and pure new plate has been reduced.In the first week of The Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger in 2022, about one project will be opened and promoted, which is the tianyue Guanlan Project of Hannan New City. In addition, no new market will be listed in this week.No more real estate daylight.The Spring Festival property market “do not close”, the Marketing Department frequently during the Spring Festival wuhan sales office situation?In order to attract customers to visit many sales offices, marketing action frequently: longhu Cullinan case 99 percent off;Red Star Tianbo launched three sets of special room limited time limited discount of 300,000;Huafa Central Hui Building 3, 9 immediately reduced 10,000 yuan.There are many real estate in the Spring Festival during the launch of New Year get blessing bag, visit to send gifts, clinch a deal to send parking space, a limited price seconds to kill housing, home appliances gift packages and other preferential activities.How was the visit?Wuhan continued the depressed market in December last year, with a significant polarization of customer visits: the number of weekly visits to the project in the main urban area can reach more than double digits during the Spring Festival;However, some projects in the far urban areas, especially in the industrial gathering areas, as well as the improvement or luxury projects in the main urban areas, have very few visitors. The transaction volume of a single plate in the Spring Festival is basically between 0 and 2 sets.At present, wuhan new house transactions during the Spring Festival customers are still mainly just need.This Spring Festival due to epidemic prevention policies, reduced personnel flow, reduced supply of property market and other reasons, wuhan property market transaction data are not bright enough.But with financial credit, property market regulation measures and other aspects of the gradual easing of the signal to buyers with confidence.At the same time, Wuhan recent interest rates again lowered, after the Lantern Festival many housing enterprises will speed up the push plate action.Wuhan property market is expected to be the first wave of upsurge in the “Gold, silver and four” period.