Seventy-one passengers on the bus were trapped during the snowy night, and traffic police transferred them overnight for rescue

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“The traffic police did not rest for us all night, but also transfer and resettlement, and gave us food and drink, the heart is particularly warm.Special thanks to gongjiawan traffic police.”More than 30 stranded passengers express their gratitude to traffic police in Lanzhou, Northwest China’s Gansu Province, Feb. 6, 2019.Originally, in the evening of February 5, the national Road 212 line seven liang section of heavy snow, because the section of 21 kilometers long downhill, bend and urgent, belong to the accident prone section, when the road snow and ice phenomenon is serious, large passenger and cargo vehicles do not have access to conditions.Gongjiawan traffic police brigade immediately started the severe weather emergency response plan, for the seven beam section, while increasing the frequency of patrol, set up temporary posts in each important point, and send police to dredge and remind safety.At about 21:30 on the same day, when two tourist buses with full load of passengers reached the north entrance of Qidaoliang Tunnel, the drivers were afraid to go on looking at the oncoming snow.On duty at the mouth of the seven beam tunnel Gong Jia Wan traffic police brigade officers in the road after the proposed vehicle landing rest.However, considering that there are more passengers on the bus, the temperature is low on a snowy night, and the tunnel mouth is far from the city, the safety of personnel can not be guaranteed.Battalion captain Li Yang made a decisive decision, all equipped with anti-skid chain brigade police car, transport of the passengers on the car, and quickly vacated as much room as possible brigade, passengers temporary resettlement, to ensure that everyone has hot water to drink, there is a warm room to stay.After four to five hours of rescue in batches, 71 passengers from the two buses were safely transferred.During the transfer, more than 20 passengers were contacted by family and friends, who picked them up after they were safely transported to safety.Two passengers with a small child and several elderly people were safely driven home by police officers.The other 35 passengers were temporarily placed in the West Orchard Squadron headquarters, the personnel on duty for them to boil hot water, brought instant noodles, everyone around the stove to drink hot water, eating hot instant noodles, talking about that night’s experience and the police warm rescue, anxiety gradually calmed down.”I’m still afraid of the road!I don’t know what would have happened last night if it wasn’t for you.”One of the stranded bus driver Xu master holding his fist to the traffic police’s rescue thanks again.On the morning of February 6, officers coordinated social vehicles with anti-skid chains to transport all 35 stranded passengers safely to lanzhou city.Seven beam tunnel mouth, the road is still snow, busy all night duty personnel are still busy on the road……Article | Riverrun news reporter Zhang Xiuyun photo | Gongjiawan Traffic police Brigade