Guangxi Giant red Flag EHS9 car purchase enjoy low down payment, 5 years long loan

2022-06-30 0 By

Guangxi Jurong Automobile Group was established in 2003, has 19 years of history, the company mainly engaged in automobile sales, parts supply, after-sales service and professional maintenance business and other automobile brand 4S shops.★★ Car purchase customers will enjoy the following benefits: 1. Car purchase enjoy low down payment, 5 years long loan.2. Buy all models, free red Flag Taiping driving insurance.3 Any model can be replaced, free evaluation in the store, the highest can enjoy 20,000 yuan replacement subsidy.4. Red flag replacement of this product, the continuation of the old car free warranty.5. Four years or 100,000 kilometers of free maintenance will be given upon purchase.6. Lifetime free warranty, free door-to-door pickup and delivery.7. Lifelong free warranty and lifelong free rescue.8. Round-the-clock subway pick-up and delivery service.Address: Jurong Automobile Park, No. 49, Pingle Avenue, Liangqing District, Nanning, Guangxi Jurong Hongqi Experience Center will also provide professional maintenance services, insurance services and second-hand car replacement services.Jurong Hongqi has professional sales and service technicians, perfect hardware equipment, one-stop service, so that you buy a car without worry.(A small program has been added here, please go to the Understand Car emperor client to view)