What is the meaning of the swastika character in Buddhism?

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This symbol is known to all, the Nazi symbol, the emergence of this symbol is actually more than ten thousand years earlier than the Nazi, many cultural relics unearthed in the Neolithic age have similar symbols, ancient times, Persia, Greece, Troy have, and is not positive or negative.It can be found not only in Europe, but also in many ancient cultures around the world, including Turkic, Indian, Chinese, Celtic and so on, although the symbol had no significant meaning at first.It could have been a symbol of the sun or fire, or it could have been a geometric pattern in the sky, which later became widely regarded as a sign of good luck.In Tibetan culture, the history of this symbol has been handed down for thousands of years, meaning eternal, eternal life.This symbol is often seen on the chest of the Buddha in Buddhism, representing the supreme merit and wisdom of the Buddha.This symbol first appeared in China as a decorative pattern on the painted pottery of the Majiayao culture more than 5,000 years ago. Around the fourth century, this symbol was introduced into China with Buddhism. At that time, whether it was opposite, left or right, there was no unified pronunciation.In the tang dynasty, wu zetian unified put it, read the pronunciation, “wan” below I just wanna call it character, the shapes of the characters of Hinduism and common character is different, it also includes four points, in Hinduism, law character represents the origin of the universe, left-handed represents the evolution of the universe outward, right, on behalf of the inward contemplate for hindus,This symbol is very sacred.They painted this symbol on their doorways during festivals and used it on clothes and jewelry to invite the gods to bring them good luck.And the modern one of the most famous character is designed by Hitler’s classmate, Germany all characters used origin dates back to the 19th century German scholar in ancient India, translated at that time they found there are similarities, and Sanskrit German character comes from the Sanskrit, eager to prove to between the German and the ancient civilization origin, such as India’s Aryan civilization,These scholars argued that Indians and Germans should be descended from a common ancestor, saying that Germans were culturally Aryan.So before the Nazi produce, all characters have been used as a representative of the Aryan race symbols, nazism is the core idea of racial eugenics, Hitler especially superstition Aryan is one of the world’s most excellent species, and personally designed a red, with white round, China has a black swastika flag.White stands for Nazism and noble purebred. Hitler’s idea of purebred Germans would have been Aryan, and black stands for “the Aryan rise combat mission” against the world.Although Nazi swastikas are very similar to buddhist swastikas, they are actually different. Nazi swastikas are black and rotate 45 degrees, while Buddhist swastikas are gold and do not rotate. Ok, that’s all for swastikas.Shi Zheng Meow will continue to bring you more fun, to bring you more joy, like it, click on the attention bar ~ meow meow meow ~ Copyright statement: article content from the network, copyright belongs to the original author, if there is infringement, please contact us, we will delete in time