This beautiful country, as you wish

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Near the end of the year, I received the task to interview Daquan Village, and the young people with me were more or less excited. It was a beautiful village known far and wide, and the interview was like a trip without any time.I went there with mixed feelings of meeting my old friend again and inquiring into his “afterlife”.This old friend is Li Yuanlong, who served as the village branch secretary of Daquan Village, Zhuzhen, Liuhe District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province.Nineteen years after I saw him off for the last time, I came back to see if his cherished village was now as he had hoped.The car drove into the village, the green mountains and clear water in front of the family, gave me a positive answer.(1) A memorial hall: light up the spirit of the Communist torch into the village first stop, is comrade Li Yuanlong advanced deeds exhibition hall.A small village with thousands of people built an exhibition hall for its village secretary, who was of great significance to the village.I know by heart what’s written on the wall.After nearly 20 years of studying, I have a deeper understanding of the choice and persistence of a communist party member rooted in the grassroots.In March 1999, li Yuanlong, the former manager of zhuzhen Industrial Company, was transferred to changzhuang Village Party branch secretary.Some of the cadres dispatched with him requested to be transferred back to the town organ within one or two years, but Li Yuanlong never proposed to be transferred to the organization. He insisted on staying in the village between his personal comfort and the development of the village.He often said to the village cadres: “We are all farmers, now as cadres, we must have the ‘heart of the people’, do our best public servants, seriously do practical things for the masses.”What is the “heart of the people”, Li Yuanlong said such three words: “often go to the people’s homes, the people’s difficulties more help, the people’s affairs first”.The first thing into the village, find out the village’s family, whose economic difficulties, whose house to repair, who the baby to go to school……Unable to put food on the table, he went to the town to apply for relief to send rice noodles;Want to buy cattle, he guarantees to the credit union to loan;Those who have no money to send their children to school, he takes the lead in putting tuition on the mat.The child that becomes an orphan, he arranges good life to take life right path;Lonely old man, he is concerned about food and clothing to the nursing home……Li Yuanlong often said, “If you have food in your own bowl, you should think of the bowl of the masses.”In poor rural areas, there were many trivial but real needs of the masses. Li Yuanlong kept everyone in the village in his heart. He was careful to see the needs of every family and did his best to serve the public.In March 2001, Changzhuang Village of Spring water township and Daquan Village of Zhuzhen were merged into today’s Daquan Village, and Li Yuanlong still remained as the village branch secretary.Soon after taking office, spring sowing began.In order to prevent the leakage of the pipes along the way, it used to cost 16,000 yuan a year to hire someone to watch the water, which was less than 90 yuan and more than 130 yuan per mu of land.When Li Yuanlong came, he wanted to save the money for the masses.He proposed three village cadres to take turns on duty, but their initiative to undertake the most, of the growing season arrive every day, and rode on his that no bell less braking of bicycle, back and forth along the channel guards, experienced, hot summer and chill of insect bites of dozens of day and night, the wineries and settlement, the villagers were surprised to find that, water only 35 yuan per acre.Thinking of Secretary Li busy figure, the villagers were convinced – do not understand when someone always asked Li Yuanlong so hard figure, he proved himself as a communist party member “loyal to the party, not the people” of the original heart and mission, single-minded strong action for the people is more than a thousand words.Li Yuanlong served as the newly established Daquan Village branch secretary less than a year after the merger, the whole village has undergone significant changes:A power station was built, 3.5 kilometers of cement road and 4 kilometers of gravel road were paved, and 1,600 mu of low-yielding land in the village was transformed into the good land of “farmland, road network, ditch supporting”. The village also dropped the debt of 180,000 yuan owed to the villagers. The original poorest village in Liuhe became the town and district advanced village, and the per capita annual income of farmers increased steadily.In 2003, Li Yuanlong collapsed at his post.After his death, the village calculated that the villagers still owed him 7,840 yuan.When I went to his home for an interview, I could really describe his home as destitute, with humble furniture and tens of thousands of yuan in debt. He chose to live in poverty for the prosperity of the masses.Daquan village villagers said that they are directly from Li Yuanlong’s body to know the Communist Party of China, thick five work diaries, recorded his adherence to ordinary posts, a grassroots ordinary party members, in this small village lit up the spiritual torch of the Communist Party.(2) a cooperatives: up the future of the development of scientific technology forward along the road to interview the second stop, at noon the sun shone into the fertile land appear more bright yellow, look is neatly on both sides of the road and lane, almost look have green bud son quietly grow, everything seems so orderly.A high base sign on the flat land is particularly eye-catching — Xingquan Agricultural Products Professional Cooperative sweet potato visual tracing base.In front of the cooperative, the chairman of the cooperative Shen Jia Qi looked to the distance, pointing to a piece of sweet potato land, said to everyone: “these land is our cooperative contract.”This year 53 years old communist Party member Shen Jiaqi, was once with Li Yuanlong everywhere for the village run out of the young people, in the Li Yuanlong exhibition hall group photo, he and Li Secretary sitting side by side, bright eyes full of hope.Now, he took li Yuanlong lit the spirit of the torch, still guarding the village, became the villagers “agricultural broker”.Increase income, increase income, from Li Yuanlong to Shen Jiaqi, increase income for farmers has always become a big spring village party branch consistent pursuit.There is a tradition of sweet potatoes in Daquan, but the yams and winter melons that farmers grew before had no economic value other than to feed to pigs.The peasants suffered from no market and had no extra money in their pockets except to fill their stomachs.Where is the growth point of village collective income and farmer income?On the party member congress 2007, Shen Jiaqi put forward the plan that establishes agricultural product professional cooperative.At the beginning, people did not dare to invest in cooperatives. “AT the General meeting of Party members at that time, I proposed that all party members take the lead and that if they want to join a cooperative, they are welcome to subscribe for three to five shares, or one hundred and eighty shares, or even two shares. We will adhere to the same principle: openness and transparency!In this way, we 8 party members with 28 households set up the green Daquan Agricultural Development Co., LTD., and then xingquan agricultural professional cooperative “.From nothing to something, everything is crossing the river by feeling the stones.Formed cooperatives, change old scattered plant, take the “company + association + base + farmers” model, through continuous development, the scale planting, they with jiangsu academy of agricultural sciences’ access to support science and technology, developed by planting by the provincial academy of agricultural sciences’ horses, wax gourd, yellow Wolf pumpkins and “Sue potato 8” and other new varieties, product quality,Also in exchange for suguo supermarket stable market support.”At the beginning, the harvest and quality of our own agricultural products could not be guaranteed, so it was difficult to find a stable market. But since we took the road of developing agriculture through science and technology, ensuring the quality and stable supply of agricultural products, Suguo Naturally welcomed us.”Through farmers planting, the technical help of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, suguo supermarket sales, further solve a series of problems such as how to plant, plant what, plant what effect.After more than 10 years of efforts, “Daquan Village” brand series of agricultural products become the sweet property on the dinner table of nanjing citizens, the cooperative has 102 members, planting area of more than 2500 mu, annual production of sweet potato more than 7500 tons, sales output value of more than 5 million yuan, leading more than 1000 households, the role of increasing the income of the villagers is obvious.”Many villagers rely on the kind of sweet potatoes to build a new house”, when it comes to happiness, Shenyang qi does not mask joy.We came to the warehouse with Shen Jiaqi nearby, several workers are busy to bag sweet potatoes, sweet potato sales season before the Spring Festival, the busier it is, the better the harvest and more income, “so the hard work of big guys are endless!”Warehouse, a assembly line ready to start, Shen Jiaqi said: “this fan assembly line is expected to be put into use next year!Processing sweet potato vermicelli, made of dried potato, extend the industrial chain, product deep processing, our agricultural development road will be more and more wide miles!”On this land, every step has a trace to follow, starting from Li Yuanlong, generation after generation of rural party members led farmers to take every step is step by step implementation, step by step down-to-earth, solid step by step.What is this? This is the role of community-level Party organizations as fortress.the Party emblem shines brightly, the Party heart shines brightly, and the Party flag flings.(3) Ten thousand mu peach Blossom Land: Deep Thought under the mountains on both sides of the river Big Spring village beautiful, big spring people rich.Town leaders in order to give daquan village “icing on the cake”, the introduction of culture and tourism enterprises to further develop resources.Daquan village zhima Ling, Daquan Lake, Fengcaiman city and other natural resources, here is jiangsu province air standard quality control area.In the area, there are fruit forests, pine winds, geese and ducks in droves, thousand-year huangdongshu, hundred-year Chestnut forest, “Longquan Temple”, “Guangfo Temple” ruins and the daquan reservoir with beautiful scenery and pleasant scenery. It is a rare natural scenery.Around 2012, the introduced cultural and tourism enterprises built a green peach garden base of 10,000 mu here, which is called “Peach Blossom Island”.During the Dragon Boat Festival, peach Blossom Island received a “blowout” flow of tourists. Tens of thousands of people visited the 13,000 mu peach garden every day.However, such an open management mode has let the management side into a dilemma: there are more people coming, but there is no obvious increase in the number of peaches. The waste of “under the peach tree” is amazing.Ten thousand acres of peach garden transfer management did not pick up, and finally can only stop business.However, on the other side of the Yangtze River, in zhenjiang Jurong and other places across the river from the “Land of Ten thousand mu of Peach blossoms”, under the leadership of agricultural and forestry experts Zhao Yafu and Mi Lin and other technical teams, the local agricultural products such as strawberries, figs, sweet persimmons and sand pears are planted with great success, which forms a sharp contrast with the gloomy Peach blossom Island.Also in big spring village, the mountain mountain is also very different: the mountain, Shen Jiaqi put agricultural experts please come to the village, agricultural experts eat and live in the village, from morning to night, hand in hand to teach farmers sweet potato, scientific planting of sweet potato varieties, high quality, make big spring village become a well-known sweet potato base;And in the mountains above, due to the blind introduction of private enterprises, only the present flowers do not read the long-term development, not to science and technology to productivity, only blossom but bad fruit peach garden nature go not long, not only ten thousand acres of peach garden abandoned, farmers each acre of 500 yuan of land circulation income also hit the water.The failure of the taoyuan base of ten thousand mu, while making people heartache, is more thought-provoking.In the past 20 years, Daquan Village has grown from more than 2000 people to more than 9000 people, and from 8 party members to more than 200 party members now. These rural party members lead the masses to make great efforts to engage in ecological agriculture and sightseeing agriculture, and get rich on the spot by relying on tea plantation industry, tourism and land circulation. The core password is “science and technology”.In 2019, the whole village was lifted out of poverty. In 2020, the collective income of the village was about 8.6561 million yuan, and the per capita income was 18,000 yuan.More and more beautiful Big spring village, now has become a small famous network red village.All progress made, the biggest contribution, is shenyang, the more learned to benefit to science and technology to production, to science, is also the invisible provides a thinking and the mountains of taoyuan reengineering, agriculture will not be in the past and face the loess back of weather, also want to pay attention to innovation, as long as the management level and support to keep up with the science and technology,Why worry can not reproduce ten thousand acres of peach garden “spring date”.At the end of the interview, I looked back at the village in the dusk, and the warm lights came on gradually, and there was peace and tranquility again.Yuan-long li from passing on to today, from the labor export of poverty crucial to scientific technology, in the spring. This piece of land, year after year, the rapid changes make people full of confidence and hope for the future, I am in your mind: yuan secretary long, big spring village, big spring people didn’t live up to what you want, this beautiful country, do as you wish.(Zheng Jinming, Shi Mengrui) Source: Guangming net