The “Red Eye train open” bus connection arrangement has come

2022-06-29 0 By

Spring Festival in 2022 has been uncovered, for the convenience of passenger travel, according to the chengdu bureau of guiyang station for guiyang north station, guiyang station open more “red eye” train timetable, in order to ensure to evacuate passengers, guiyang bus group for the following work: open “red eye” train lines (a) line 1: guiyang north station, the train station stops:Guiyang North Railway Station — Weiqing Road — Zilin ‘an — Daximen — Second South Gate — New Intersection — Railway station vehicle configuration: 3 medium and advanced cars (1 car reserved).Executive fare: RMB 5 / person, IC card and free pass are invalid.Departure time: 2:00, 6:20 (adjust departure time and frequency flexibly according to the passenger flow.)Taking place: Passenger point 808 road, Platform 2, Bus hub, Guiyang North Railway Station.Train arrival time and bus departure time and departure date.(2) Special line 2: Guiyang East Railway Station — Fountain Stop: Guiyang East Railway Station — Dayingpo — Guizhou Daily — Normal University — Fountain Vehicle configuration: 3 middle and senior buses.Operating frequency: 9, flexibly adjust the departure frequency according to the passenger flow situation.Executive ticket price: RMB 5 / person.IC card and free ride pass are invalid.Take a bus: Guiyang East station bus hub 272 departure point, fountain station 3 departure point.Train arrival time and bus departure time and departure date.Last bus time adjustment The last bus of Guiyang East Railway Station of No.13 will be delayed to 22:00 from January 23 to January 29.Our reporter: Lin Jiayi