The National Assembly passed an adoption bill to relax restrictions in many ways

2022-06-29 0 By

France’s National Assembly on February 8 gave final approval to a law on child adoption put forward by Monique Limon, a member of the Republic on Adima party, AFP reported.The proposal allows unmarried couples to adopt children, lowers the minimum age for adopters and simplifies adoption procedures for abandoned children.The proposal, presented in mid-2020, is one of a series of key social initiatives during Macron’s five-year term as president.The right-leaning Senate complained about the bill, saying it did not accord with the basic spirit of adoption, which “gives a child a family, not a child to a family.”Many more families in France hope to adopt children each year than end up adopting.In 2019, 706 children were adopted in France and 421 abroad, but 3,248 families wanted to adopt.More than 10,000 families are applying to adopt children.The bill’s star provision is to allow couples in civil contracts for domestic partnerships (Pacs) to adopt children.Current rules only allow cohabiting couples or one partner in a civil contract to be in a domestic relationship to adopt children.It also lowers the minimum age for adoptions from 28 to 26.At the same time, the minimum age for adoptive children to live with their partners has been reduced from two years to one.Another clause, which has sparked widespread controversy, allows lesbians who have tried medically assisted procreation (PMA) abroad but have since broken up with their partners, as well as women who have not had children, to adopt children.In order to improve the operation of the Conseils de Famille (Conseils de Famille), it was proposed that the council would contain only one medical, psychological or social member, instead of the current two.The Family Council is the French provincial body responsible for the guardianship of orphans.This has caused alarm at the Children and Adoptive Families Association (EFA), which argues that there should be two child-protection experts on the board, as well as an anti-discrimination expert.Another controversial issue is the banning of child adoption organizations (OAA) from adopting children in France, allowing them only to adopt children abroad.Lemmon said that this was to be the child adoption of the children of the provinces in Aide Society, and to make the children adopted a State orphan, so that they would be better protected.The proposal further clarifies the existing requirement that a child obtain the consent of his or her biological parents before becoming a state orphan.The move follows criticism from the right and some associations of children becoming state orphans without parental consent.Finally, the proposal stipulates that the adoption of foreign children must be accompanied by a child adoption organization or the French Adoption Agency (AFA), which means that individuals are prohibited from adopting foreign children on their own.(Editing: Xia Yu)