Relying on a higher gear to expand a circle of tightly knit epidemic prevention and control network

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At noon and evening on March 16, Du Xiaogang, Secretary of the CPC Municipal Committee, held a video conference at the temporary headquarters of epidemic Prevention and control located in the residence of the NPC deputies, analyzing the current situation and studying and making arrangements for key work.Xiao-gang du stressed that must firmly implement the party central committee and the State Council decision deployment, according to the provincial party committee secretary cheng-lung wu in zhenjiang supervision inspection epidemic prevention and control work of jurong Xu Kun Lin governors in the provinces and demands of the outbreak zone spreading command the deployment of the video conference, “on a high, expanding a circle”, with more scientific, more accurate, more solid measures to grasp the weak plugging loopholes,The epidemic prevention and control network must be tightly knit to prevent the spread of the epidemic.City leaders Zhao Jianjun, Lu Zhijian, Xu Feng, Zhang Zhen, Qin Yongxin, Zhang Lijun, municipal secretary General Chen Shoubin attended the meeting.At 12:30 p.m., Du xiaogang remotely tuned the real-time picture of the high-speed crossing through high-definition video.He praised the smooth flow of all crossings and the strict implementation of prevention and control measures, urging dynamic adjustment and optimization of services while strictly implementing prevention and control requirements, so as to ensure both prevention and control inspection and supply promotion.At 5:30 p.m., he made another video call to each sector to ask about the progress of the work of flow tracing, nucleic acid testing, isolation and control. He called for continued efforts in emergency response, timely review and summary of the current work, drawing on one example from another, and making up for omissions and deficiencies, so as to promote the detailed implementation of various measures.Du xiaogang pointed out that since the outbreak of this round of COVID-19, all local departments have responded quickly and taken swift actions, with smooth transition of “peacetime and wartime mechanism” and strong progress in various work.At present, the epidemic prevention and control situation is grim and complex.The whole city should bear in mind that “a big hole in a needle can leak through a big wind”, resolutely overcome paralysis, war weariness, fluke mentality, relaxed attitude, grab the “golden 24 hours”, with a stricter and more solid style, more resolute and decisive measures, and strive to achieve a fast “dynamic zero”.To further accelerate the speed of flow back, push “doorbell” results deepen, appropriate for expanding the scope of the encirclement and controls, by antigen screening and diagnosis of nucleic acid, the combination of several rounds of screening and health Ministry of Public Security work together to complete key personnel investigation, should should do inspection as inspection, pipe while, should be separated.Second, it is necessary to further strengthen quarantine and control, never relax the health management of people returning to Tin, promote nucleic acid testing in parallel and encrypt frequency, properly carry out closed-loop transport and medical waste disposal, strengthen the supply of daily necessities, and minimize risks.Third, we need to further strengthen capacity building, adhere to a problem-oriented approach, step up efforts to identify loopholes and strengthen weak links, make effective preparations in personnel, materials, equipment and sites, and spare no effort to ensure peace in China.Fourth, we need to further tighten responsibility, guide market entities and individuals to timely and faithfully report information, consciously implement prevention and control measures, and work closely to ensure that prevention and control measures are implemented to the “last centimetre”.Fifth, we need to further strengthen joint prevention and control. On the basis of strengthening professional forces, we need to mobilize and rely on the people, strengthen public participation and public oversight, and build a tight defense line for joint prevention and control and mass prevention and control.Du xiaogang called for the command system at all levels to focus on key links, strengthen coordination, dispatch and supervision of cross-regional and cross-departmental work such as data exchange and personnel assistance, timely study rules, sum up experience and optimize fighting methods, and take more precise, scientific and advanced measures to quickly put out the epidemic.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: