Neijiang Vocational Colleges enter local enterprises to promote local employment of graduates

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Wang wei chuan view journalists Thomas cheng on March 28, led by education bureau of neijiang, joint neijiang via letter bureau, neijiang people club bureau and neijiang business bureau and other departments of neijiang vocational schools into the local enterprises to carry out the talent supply and demand docking and hold a symposium, schools and enterprises is docking industry demand and employment demand, head of the communication.Morning, from neijiang basis of vocational and technical college, preschool teachers, neijiang vocational college of health and health, neijiang and other 17 senior technical school in neijiang into neijiang, head of the local enterprise in higher vocational colleges, and the enterprise “face to face”, feel the corporate culture, understand enterprise operation, accurate demand docking.”What is the future of the enterprise?””What’s the pay package like?””How long do you work each day?””What are the specific positions?””What majors are needed?”In Area C of Neijiang Software and Information Technology Outsourcing Industrial Park (South Sichuan E-commerce Center), the heads of vocational colleges asked the heads of enterprises after visiting Neijiang Haoke Network Technology Co., LTD., Sichuan Beji Technology Co., LTD.Later, the person in charge of vocational college walked into sichuan Huiyu Pharmaceutical co., LTD., Juteng Electronic Technology (Neijiang) Co., LTD., Sichuan Mingtai Microelectronics Co., LTD., followed the person in charge of the enterprise to visit the park, inquired about the labor demand, and asked the person in charge of the enterprise to understand the relevant situation.It is reported that on March 22, the Neijiang Municipal Education Bureau and the Organization Department of neijiang Municipal Committee, the Propaganda Department of Neijiang Municipal Committee and other eight departments jointly issued the “Implementation Opinions on Encouraging Neijiang Vocational College graduates to find jobs and start businesses to serve local economic development”.Specific policies were formulated to support vocational colleges in expanding the scale of schools, optimizing the setting of majors, deepening the integration of industry and education, promoting school-enterprise cooperation, guiding internship and employment, and establishing linkage mechanisms.”Vocational colleges must improve their position, strengthen their determination to serve the industry, firmly establish the concept of ‘school-place symbiosis’, firmly ensure that where neijiang industry develops, education services will go, and projects will follow where they fall.We will further strengthen the assessment of vocational schools’ services to local economic development, especially to encourage and guide graduates to find jobs or start businesses in China.”Neijiang City education bureau relevant person in charge pointed out.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: