The bride’s mother asked for a bride price of 1 million yuan, but the groom couldn’t even stop him because he had no money

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During the wedding, the groom took the bride’s hand and walked to the front of the crowd. He pushed the bride’s hand away and rushed to the door. The groom’s brother could not stop him.Why did the groom break away from the bride?Before the marriage, the woman’s mother asked for 300 thousand dowry, but at the wedding, the woman’s mother said to one million dowry, the man should compensate 700 thousand, the groom felt great pressure, do not want to get married, so he ran away.Bride price is a barrier to marriage, there are high and low, mainly depends on the bride price, some do not want, some only tens of thousands, some to hundreds of thousands, some to hundreds of thousands.Many of them were rejected by the bride’s family and could not marry the man they liked because they did not have enough dowry.The bride’s mother did not like the groom very much, since she dated the groom, she thought the groom is a waste, not suitable for her daughter, so she advised her many times, let her break up with him, do not get together.But the bride refused, she did not want to leave the groom, must accompany the groom, three years, the groom really love her, the groom had three times to propose to the bride, but were rejected by the groom’s mother.Then the bride became pregnant, and the groom asked for marriage again. Three times at that time, the mother of the bride saw that she was pregnant, and only then agreed, but the groom would not agree to pay 300,000 yuan, or else.The bride is also pregnant, and after giving birth, her life will be more intense.The groom told the bride what had happened and told her to go to her mother and ask her not to give her the seven hundred thousand dowry.But the bride said, seven hundred thousand dowry must return, also said her parents very not easy to raise her, even if to borrow, also want to borrow seven hundred thousand, which makes the groom is very difficult.The groom thought that the bride did not think for him, knowing that he had no money, but to borrow seven hundred thousand, which let him very disappointed.Wedding stage, the groom took the bride’s hand, came to the stage, ready to exchange rings.The two brothers of the bridegroom saw the bridegroom run away, and hurriedly stepped forward to stop him, but they could not catch up.The groom can’t just walk away. If anything, he can’t wait until the wedding is over. It’s irresponsible to run out and leave the bride.In married life, there will be many troubles, but no matter what, keep calm and face them coolly, because too excited, will make things worse.Marriage should be happy, not because of the problem of betrothal gift and let two people who really love each other can not get married, to love the groom, you should take the initiative to tell their parents, do not let the groom give so much betrothal gift, depends on the groom’s financial resources, if set too high, but will let two people who love each other suffer.Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section.