State Grid Huxian Power Supply Company: improve electric power service to ensure power consumption of enterprises

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Stable power supply is an important factor for enterprise production and operation.Since this year, The State Grid Power Supply Company of Huxian County has taken the opportunity of carrying out the activity of “ten thousand people helping ten thousand enterprises” to further reduce the time of electricity handling, simplify the process of electricity handling, smooth the online business handling channels, and provide reliable power guarantee for the development of enterprises.In the construction site of no. 21 pole of Dazhao line of Sangcun township being live broken and connected with drainage line, the working team of electric power department is implementing live operation and sending power to the enterprises that will soon be put into operation nearby.”There is a glass factory 50 meters to the south that will soon be completed and put into operation,” said Lu Zhenyong, head of the electrified operation class of State Grid Huxian Power Supply Company. “Today’s electrified operation is carried out in order to deliver electricity to enterprises as soon as possible without affecting the normal power consumption of the people in the area under the control, so as to meet the demand of enterprises for electricity production.”After more than 4 hours of intense construction, the working team of the electric power department successfully completed the operation of live disconnection and connecting drainage line, which provided power supply guarantee for the smooth operation of the enterprise.Henan Huijing glass Products Co., LTD., responsible person Zhu Qianqian said: “Now our factory has just been built, the equipment is now in the installation and debugging, power this piece, power facilities, power matching has given us a good, reduce the enterprise we own investment costs, for the next production and production of this piece to do a guarantee.”Its huaxian county enjoys the power supply company has always been adhering to the “people’s electric power for the people” service purposes, continue to strengthen the vanguard consciousness, vigorously implement the pipes reform; to optimize the environment of electric power business, can be online 24 do electrical business is dealt with, realize the online application, transfers of information online, “business progress online query, online evaluation service” service system.Since this year, the state Grid Power supply company has invested 1.68 million yuan to set up and expand power facilities for 24 small and medium-sized enterprises in the county, providing power support for the smooth operation of enterprises.Mou Shaoming, deputy director of Marketing Department of State Grid County Power Supply Company, said: “The next step, State Grid County power supply company will continue to deepen the” ten thousand people to help ten thousand enterprises “activities, increase investment in small and micro enterprises, extend the grid investment interface, continue to reduce customers’ electricity, electricity costs, for the development of enterprises to provide electricity security.”Review: Wang Yongxian pay Yang all media reporter: Wang Shanshuai responsible editor: Zhang Xintong statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: