Mazhen Convenience Service Center: “seven aspects” innovation and practical “ten methods” boost the revitalization

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In order to comprehensively boost the rural revitalization, Mazhen Convenience Service Center from seven aspects of clear ideas, strong measures, explore and summarize the “ten” revitalization method, and strive to create a new situation of rural revitalization work.Formulate and apply “three mechanisms”, and innovate working mechanisms. Formulate “three mechanisms” of cadre encouragement and encouragement, error tolerance and correction, and ability to get up and down. In 2021, 21 issues of supervision and inspection notification will be issued, and 95 people will be rewarded and punished, forming a good atmosphere for students to catch up with others.Four “12345” work ideas were put forward, including Party building, government, mass organizations and gong titles, and the direction and objectives of the work were clearly defined.The implementation of the “five steps” work method, innovative work methods to implement the “five steps” work method skillfully, often supervision, heavy implementation, listen to reports, frequent assessment, to achieve twice the result with half the effort.Carry out the “seven catch seven promote seven promotion”, innovation work carrier to carry out the “seven catch seven promote seven promotion” activities, effectively solve the people’s urgent problems, worries and win public praise.Explore the “five-in-one” mode, promote the experience of “two-way interaction” to explore the “five-in-one” industrial development mode of “Party construction + cooperative + base + peasant household + market”, and form four industrial operation modes of “contract, equity, direct management and trusteeship”.It summarizes and promotes the development path of “two-way interaction” between cooperatives and farmers. Cooperatives provide farmers with varieties, technologies and markets, driving their incomes to increase and become rich, while farmers provide them with manpower, land and products, promoting the development and growth of cooperatives in reverse.The “public welfare” bank was launched and the “one yuan” governance experience was implemented. The “charity” bank was launched and the “love” supermarket was set up. Villagers deposited the points and evaluation scores of good people and good deeds into the “public welfare” bank, which could be used to pay for the purchase of preferential policies or exchange prizes.Each person was charged one yuan per month for public health, and the “three guarantees in front of the door” commitment was signed, vigorously promoting the “eight qing dynasty reform” work.The “twenty-four methods” of public opinion polls were applied to promote social harmony and stability. The “twenty-four methods” of public opinion polls, such as “breaking the whole into parts” and “making a positive out of a negative”, effectively resolved all kinds of conflicts and disputes. The town had no petitions in the past three years, and the overall social harmony and stability were achieved.Through the innovation of working methods in seven aspects, we will eventually explore and form the agricultural scale of the “ten modernizations” revitalization method, level off ten thousand mu of high-standard farmland, and implement the “digitalization” of one field to realize the agricultural scale.To transform rural areas into market towns, encouraging more than 68 rural households living in scattered areas to move to more populated villages or market towns;To professionalize farmers, educate migrant workers to learn professional skills and transform them into professional farmers;More than 2,200 mu of land has been transferred through contracting and buying shares.To make market towns more functional, we will implement the “five links, five construction, five modernization” project to improve the service functions of market towns.We will give high priority to medical care and education, and give high priority to supporting the development of medical care and education, so that people can get medical care, go to school, and stay in their homes.Industrial diversification.Realize the diversified development of planting, breeding and processing industries and go hand in hand;Project efficiency, the introduction of agricultural investment companies and other enterprise projects, to promote employment and entrepreneurship;To guide cooperative industrial projects to operate flexibly and increase farmers’ income;Service standardization, to create “five” organs and units, all-round service to the masses, enterprises, society;We have narrowed the gap between the rich and the poor in urban and rural areas and achieved progress in social civilization through the “80-year” income sharing law, the “343” benefit distribution mechanism, helping vulnerable groups, cooperatives to drive profits, and the “one visit, two schools, and three governance” policy.Author: Chang Sheng reporter Cao Yi