China Fortune: has signed a debt restructuring of 42.9 billion yuan and reduced penalty interest of 2.869 billion yuan

2022-06-27 0 By

Beijing Business Daily news (reporter Guan Zi Chen Rong Lei) February 9, China Happiness announcement disclosed the latest progress of the company’s debt restructuring.The announcement shows that up to now, the company’s “debt restructuring plan” in the financial debt has been signed to achieve debt restructuring of 42.918 billion yuan, the corresponding debt interest reduction, exemption of penalty amount of 2.869 billion yuan in total.Among them, the debt restructuring Agreement signed by CFNA and its subsidiaries with relevant creditors involves a total of 37.311 billion yuan of debt of the company and its subsidiaries, and corresponding debt interest exemption and penalty exemption amount to 2.869 billion yuan, accounting for 78.28% of the company’s latest audited net profit of 3.665 billion yuan attributable to shareholders.This includes 23.386 billion yuan in bonds and debt financing instruments, and 13.925 billion yuan in other financial debts.In addition, the company and its subsidiaries have reached a debt restructuring agreement with relevant creditors to extend the preferred financial debt of the company and its subsidiaries, involving an amount of 415 million yuan;About 5.193 billion yuan of financial debt was taken out through asset sales.