An air Ruili flight made an emergency return to Kunming

2022-06-27 0 By

On February 4, a flight of Ruili Airlines returned to Kunming after a passenger fell unconscious in the air. Flight attendants, doctors on board and emergency medical staff at the airport helped the passenger safely.Ruili aviation flight because of air passengers coma back of emergency at kunming day 9:40, ruili aviation DR6549 flight 8 minutes after taking off from kunming, a male passenger call the flight attendants, told the body uncomfortable I have a history of high blood pressure, the flight attendants immediately pour warm water for him, and ask passengers carrying drugs and do you have any other medical history, chief broadcast at the same time looking for a doctor.At this point, the passenger has been in a coma, pale lips, his teeth clenched and his then attendant with a doctor on board passenger to in-flight emergency rescue of the passengers, the passengers in oxygen and after rescue situation improved slowly, with mild consciousness, on aid doctors recommend returning to the surface treatment, the captain decided to return to kunming.AOC of Ruili Airlines immediately coordinated and informed kunming Airport, first aid and ground service units, requiring the return flight to be in place before landing, and fully protecting the sick passengers. The flight crew arranged flight attendants to take turns to take care of passengers and observe them until the flight landed.At 10:22, after the flight returned to Kunming and landed, the emergency medical staff of the airport later entered the cabin to provide further assistance to the passenger. The flight attendants assisted the passenger to be transferred to the airport medical staff for treatment. The man was conscious when he got off the plane.In the process of rescuing passengers, the cabin crew informed the passengers of the relevant situation and apologized through the broadcast, which won the active assistance and support of passengers.Subsequently, Ruili Air maintenance replaced the oxygen cylinder has been used after re-closing the cabin to take off the follow-up flights.