Yuche county convened to promote beef cattle doubling plan symposium

2022-06-26 0 By

Yellow River news network Jinzhong news (correspondent Hui Ya Xiaoyu) beef cattle doubling plan is yu she county party committee economic and rural work conference and Yu she county “two sessions” clearly put forward “three doubling plan” one.In order to speed up the implementation of the plan, February 10, Yushe county held to promote the beef cattle doubling plan symposium, analysis of the situation, discuss countermeasures, county Party secretary Guo Jianxiong attended the meeting and speech.He stressed that we should grasp development opportunities, carefully implement various work measures, accurately provide service guarantee, boost the high-quality development of beef cattle industry in the county.Deputy county magistrate Yang Xiaodong chaired the meeting.County agriculture and Rural affairs Bureau, Rural Revitalization Bureau and other related units, party secretaries of towns and townships and cattle farmers attended the meeting.The meeting interpreted the “Yushe County solid promotion of beef cattle doubling plan implementation opinions (discussion draft)”.Participants communicated and discussed the current development status, difficulties and problems to be solved of beef cattle breeding in Yushe County, and proposed suggestions and solutions for the high-quality development of beef cattle breeding industry.Guo pointed out that beef cattle farming is an important way to promote rural revitalization, and the county party committee and government attach great importance to beef cattle farming.In accordance with the principles of seeking truth from facts, adjusting measures to local conditions, market-led, government-guided, active, steady, and orderly progress, we need to give full play to the role of financial platforms, formulate specific measures for the doubling plan, use rewards instead of subsidies, reduce financial risks, increase the enthusiasm of the people for breeding, and voluntarily participate in it so as to constantly increase people’s incomes.Guo Jianxiong stressed, to make full use of idle resources, reduce the early cost input, improve the hardware facilities, with good enough existing cattle shed and upgrade quality.It is necessary to raise the entry threshold, take the road of specialization and marketization, use the new mode of “company + farmer”, strengthen technical guidance and training, do a good job in epidemic prevention inspection, feed distribution and other work, and improve the breeding rate of beef cattle.All functional departments should strengthen guidance, continuously improve the quality of beef cattle breeding, expand the scale, broaden the market and sales channels, extend the industrial chain, and improve the market competitiveness.It is necessary to unify organizations, set up specialized agencies, formulate scientific and reasonable mechanisms, actively promote the involvement of financial platforms, promote the healthy development of the industry, constantly expand and strengthen the beef cattle breeding industry, and drive more people to jointly increase their income and get rich.[Edit: Bing Yi]