Shandong Province 2022 work mobilization Conference | These two Shandong enterprises have new recruitment

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In the past two years, Shandong has become increasingly attractive to talents. The number of preferred graduates from the “double First-class” universities and colleges who work in Shandong has increased significantly. All kinds of talents are more optimistic about shandong’s development.On February 7, the 2022 Work mobilization Meeting of Shandong Province was held in Jinan.Compared with previous “opening conferences”, the congress stressed that innovation should be placed at the core of overall development, and innovation should be strengthened in economic and social development, with the focus on the “ten innovations”.Among them, innovation of talent introduction and education is an important content.Since being hired as the “vice president of science and technology” of Shandong Huike Additives Co., LTD., Li Degang spends two days a week “depending” on the company.”Now, everyone in the company knows who’s good at what.”Li Degang laughed.Li Degang is shandong University of Technology chemistry and chemical engineering college professor, his arrival, let huike company chairman Tang Shouyu taste the real sweet: “Professor Li team research and development of new molecular sieve technology to reach the international advanced level, we use this technology to develop PVC compound additives, annual output of 20,000 tons.Sales of this new product reached 30 million yuan last year.”Hiring a “vp of science and technology” =?The answer for Zibo city is that it connects with a university and a platform.In the past two years, Zibo city has innovatively selected and hired university scholars to serve as “vice president of science and technology” in enterprises to build a school-enterprise embedded cooperation platform, allowing more talents to enter enterprises, help industries and make contributions.Zibo municipal committee of the people do according to requirements, for enterprises to carry out the match before docking, concentrated training, field cooperation and docking, work in enterprises, the annual comprehensive evaluation and so on six links, Dr From the city inside and outside the university’s or deputy high above titles experts “vice President of science and technology” as enterprise, establish a two-way choice, independent evaluation, subsidy incentives, try out of the complete chain in a body.What’s the difference between being a “VICE president of technology” and working with companies in the past?”From solving technical problems for companies in the past, I now have the right to make decisions on r&d direction and industrial projects.To give a small example, I used to ‘take on’ corporate R&D projects, but now I can ‘approve’ projects and assign them to the right researchers.”Li Degang said that hui Ke PVC compound additives production line, from the layout to find people to find the market, are dominated by him.This technology project also won the third prize of Science and technology progress in Shandong Province.In order to improve the incentive mechanism, Zibo city encourages enterprises to provide part-time remuneration for “SCIENCE and technology vice presidents” in the form of cooperation in scientific research projects and technology investment. At the same time, enterprises provide transportation subsidies of no less than 1000 yuan per month for each “science and technology vice president”.The municipal finance will give 30,000 yuan to the “vice president of science and technology” who has been evaluated well, and give priority to recommending and applying key talent projects and key RESEARCH and development programs.At present, there are 363 talents from tongji University, Tianjin University, Shandong University of Technology and other more than 10 colleges and universities, taking up the post of “Deputy general manager of science and technology” of related enterprises in Zibo city, helping enterprises solve more than 260 technical problems and transforming more than 130 achievements, 148 “deputy general manager of science and technology” as the head of “College students working group”.Led more than 1500 college students to experience Zi.Shandong Talent Group: “Four pictures” to find talents to attract “new Land” by Zhang Chunxiao, Reporter Wang Benjiang recently, The Taishan District of Tai ‘an city proposed to Shandong Talent Group the demand for 5 high-level talents of 3 high-tech enterprises.In less than a day, six high-level talents have been recommended by the ambassador for talent introduction, including Professor Zhang Zhenbin of Shandong University.As the first provincial talent group in China, Shandong Talent Group gives full play to the advantages of market mechanism, upholds the concept of attracting talents through open communication, innovates the mode of attracting talents by talents, recruits “attracting talents ambassador” from all over the world, expands the circle of talents “friends”, and gathers talents efficiently.At the end of last December, 62 “Talent introduction Ambassadors” were appointed in the first batch, including 15 overseas talents, 23 talents from outside shandong province and 24 talents from within Shandong Province, covering all fields of shandong’s “top ten” industries.Contact professor Zheng Hanbo of Guangxi University for Shandong Hedui Intelligent Technology Co., LTD.For Shandong Juxin Group Steel Structure Co., LTD., precise docking with Tongji University, helped introduce Professor Chen Tao’s “New wall panel System assembled steel-concrete Composite Structure Project” and Professor Zhu Peng’s “Industrialized assembled H-type steel Beam Structure Project”…Xia Aofu, chairman of Shandong Wenheng Technology Co., LTD., has become one of the first “talent ambassador” appointed by Shandong Talent Group.”After the appointment is in place, the talent Group will classify according to our talent introduction advantage areas and regions, quickly establish a contact group and a team of contact specialists, and form a contact mechanism between each other. The talent Group will also timely release the demand for talent introduction in the province, and follow up our cooperation projects.””Xia said.”If we still use the ‘old map’ to attract talent, we will not find a ‘new continent’.”Wang Weizhong, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of Shandong Talent Group, said that the “talent ambassador” should play a greater role in attracting talents at a deeper level. The talent Group firmly holds the talent data as a “bull” and builds a cloud platform for intelligent talents.It has gathered over 30 million pieces of data on talent, 40 million pieces of data on enterprise parks, 40 million pieces of data on patent achievements, 30,000 pieces of data on talent policies, and 40,000 pieces of data on demand.”Through the design of talent map, industry map, policy map, science and innovation map, innovative data application, so that the ‘talent ambassador’ in the social ‘big scene’, the enterprise demand ‘small incision’ service talent.”Wang Weizhong said.To arouse enthusiasm, of the “guide to ambassador” talent group also set up incentive measures, clarify the responsibilities of “to attract ambassador” task, put forward the daily work of funds and lead to reward, among them, give to attract ambassador working funds of 10000 yuan a year, be negotiated additional activities to attract funds allowance, recommend people hired or project results fall to the ground,50% of the service fee will be awarded as “talent ambassador”.