Qinyang City supply and marketing Agency: “open” the plane to farm

2022-06-26 0 By

An agricultural plant protection drone flew close to the ground in the early spring wheat field, spraying organic water-soluble fertilizer for the wheat field, and completed the fertilization operation in only half an hour. Compared with the original traditional composting, it not only saves material and labor, but also saves labor and money.Early spring is an important period of wheat field management, but also an important period of wheat tillering, tillering is an important part of improving yield, more tillers, more heading, higher yield.A few days ago in the zi Ling mayor ditch village of the field to see, in order to improve the quality of wheat growth, to ensure a good harvest, the staff according to the wheat seedlings according to the proportion of the drug ratio, and then the mixing of liquid fertilizer into plant protection DRONES, and then spray operations.Just half an hour, more than 60 acres of wheat field spraying end.Compared with manual operation, drone spraying organic water-soluble fertilizer not only greatly saves manpower and material resources, but also reduces the workload of farmers and improves fertilization efficiency.SMC fly against the service captain valley are introduced, due to the late last winter wheat planting, causing poor growing and’s weak, for this kind of situation, organization to fly his SCM services, to fly the farmland service, use the foliar fertilizer spraying, aqueous solution, such as hercules prompted more tillers, wheat growth better, increase production.With the popularization of agricultural modernization, more and more farmers are handing over the work of spraying organic fertilizer on wheat to drones.The municipal Supply and Marketing Cooperative flight defense service team is a professional service team to provide this service for the majority of farmers. Since its establishment, it has provided fertilization, pest control and other services for more than 10,000 mu of crops.