Lianyungang Road north section of the construction of the end of the CBD “knot” finally to untie

2022-06-26 0 By

Since last year, the north section of Lianyungang Road in Qingdao CBD has been closed for construction. People driving through it have to bypass it, and the surrounding roads are often blocked into “knots” during the morning rush hour.On April 6, the reporter noticed at the scene that the construction section has set up a good traffic marking line, etc., and the construction personnel are finishing the project.Workers in finishing operations according to understand, to alleviate the pressure of the central business district in the morning and evening peak traffic, last year started full launch lianyungang road section (kunshan road – liaoyang west road) road rebuilding widen and bridge demolish rebuild project, widen the roads and after the bridge from two to four lanes, accompanied by the asphalt laying is completed, the next to the sidewalk and greening construction.According to the plan, the north section of Lianyungang Road will soon be open to traffic.Mr. Zhang, a citizen who lives near the new road, introduced to reporters that this section of the road was bumpy before, but also easy to cause traffic jams, after the transformation of the road widened and more humanized, especially the morning and evening traffic peak will greatly ease the central business district and the surrounding road traffic pressure.