Good times look at Steph, bad times look at Klay!It’s all back. Kumingamodi made sure Kol didn’t wait for nothing

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The Golden State Warriors will take on the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA regular season on Feb. 8. The warriors will have had four days of rest before they play the Thunder after seven straight home sweet games in January.The advantage on the schedule also lets Clay run in gradually with the team into a good situation.The Warriors entered the game having won eight in a row and nine in a row against an underserved Oklahoma City team.Game started warriors wiggins continuous try to three points from the perimeter but miss Thompson, the thunder team with weak warriors inside, gidi, dole, continuous layup with lehman, the thunder hit “start, perimeter dumb fire warriors in the first section, the first first 12 times three points to only 2, under 3 minutes remaining in the first quarter, the thunder to 20:With the Warriors up eight, Kerr called a timeout.Suspended back cole put on recent play good rookie library Ming to hit the post, and the substitution also become a turning point in the game, library Ming and started to get close to the basket score 2 + 1, looking back and cut off the basket in situ dunking, first quarter final moments with Ming, and play are wiggins, warriors will score to the gods.In the second quarter, Kerr continued to let Khuminga on the court, and the Warriors did not insist on shooting from the outside. Khuminga and Poole hit consecutive dunks inside, and Khuminga scored 6 points in the second quarter to tie the game at 28.The Thunder were forced to pull back inside as the Warriors scored inside, and as the Thunder pulled back, the Warriors found their shooting touch on the outside.With Curry, Damian Lee, Iguodala, Wiggins and Puer hitting 5 3-pointers in a row, the Warriors lead the Thunder by 10 points at 47:37!The Warriors led 56-46 at the end of the second quarter.Thompson found his touch at the start of the second half, scoring five straight points on an inside-and-out jumper, then turning around and throwing his own pass to Porter for a 63-49 basket.The Thunder were forced to call a timeout.The Thunder came back from a timeout, dohert beat Rooney inside and trayman hit a 3-pointer at the buzzer, but Curry responded with a 3-pointer. The warriors went back and forth late in the third quarter, giving the Thunder an 85-72 lead.In the final quarter, Kerr put Moody and Kuminga on the court at the same time, and both of them rewarded Kerr with their excellent performance. Clay missed a 3-pointer, and Kuminga dunked, and Kuminga set up Moody for a 3-pointer, 90:76!Golden State held on to a 14-point lead, but it was 96 to 101 with doltgiddy driving in the final minutes, and it was Klay again.A pair of 3-pointers from the outside brought the lead back to 9 (107-98) with a minute left, and Curry added fuel to the fire with a long-range 3-pointer to kill it.The Warriors continued their 9-game winning streak with a 110-98 victory over the Thunder.30 assists!The Warriors showed what team basketball is all about again.All 11 of golden State’s 12 players scored, with Anderson, the lone scoreless scorer, sitting out six seconds.Curry, who finished with 18 points, nine rebounds and 10 assists on 12 shots, was the unselfish leader again.And when the Thunder pulled the lead to five in the fourth quarter, two more 3-pointers by Klay and a final one by Curry gave the Twins a repeat of their ’16 playoff run against Oklahoma City.”Good times look at Curry, bad times look at Klay, desperate times look at a brother” law again.Klay, who made just one of five shots in the first half, scored 17 points in the second half and finished with 21.In addition to spray brothers, warriors to watch the other players, cases, left behind in the first section is the library of the Ming and wiggins’s play warriors tied and surpassed the score in the second quarter, and 6 of this library Ming and 11 for 16 points and 4 rebounds and 4 assists, the game many times inside the impact team-leading 7 free throws, if three points on time,The Warriors’ next Andre Iguodala.The Warriors led by 14 points in the fourth quarter thanks to a 3-pointer and a dunk by Moody, who played just five minutes in addition to Kuminga.The Warriors’ two rookies have not waited in vain, and both have already played, honing their skills for the playoffs.In addition to the two rookies, Poole’s performance is also amazing, only 8 shots scored 11 points, although the score is not high, but grabbed 8 rebounds and 8 assists, plus/minus +17 team first!Poole scored like a duck to water in the starting position at the beginning of the season, but with the return of Clay, Poole had to return to the bench, once a slump in his performance after a short period of adaptation he found his form again.The Warriors have become more even in their starting bench lineup.If Draymond and Wiseman return from injury, the Warriors really don’t need to trade for reinforcements this season.With the current roster already capable of championship challenge.