Cao Xueqin’s portrayal of Qingwen was so beautiful that many women envied her, even Mrs. Wang

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Qingwen is who also, Qingwen is a dress up and Daji like the palace maid, unfortunately, deplorable, sad, has not understood the first month, finally did not confuse the emperor, and was killed by the queen mother.The women in “A Dream of Red Mansions” are all minions in the flimsy department, loyal to and obedient to the police magic fairy, their fate is not better than where to go, thousands of red a cry, Wan Yan with sorrow, just like tea wine, or drunk when the song, life geometry, heaven fragrant floor free and unfetters happy;Don’t cook tea to talk about life, the more blunt the more light, pavilion in the shadow of the crane.Finally, jade belt hanging in the forest, gold hairpin buried in the snow, the earth a vast expanse of white really clean.About production and qunfang, cao xueqin say not farm, or ordinary woman, but the characteristic of the palace, palace concubines, thousands of beauties, tens of thousands of maids are many, and shelter evil people and practices, of course, what kind of people have, such as silly elder sister, many girls, early Xue Baoqin, saw, etc., these shall landscape in front of the emperor, find favor with upper,And Jia Yuanchun honor and honor, is not an easy thing, as the saying goes, accompany you such as tiger, tiger rabbit meet at any time the tragedy of the dream, Jia Yuanchun also said that there is no interest here.In fact, this is the emperor’s harem, and those qunfang are serving the emperor, fighting a series of court battles!Qing Wen is the servant of the Red Chamber, the second servant girl of Jia Baoyu. She is handy and beautiful. To what extent is she beautiful?Jia Baoyu himself said that women were lotus made of water, and Qingwen and Lin Daiyu were exactly the ones that shone the most in his eyes. Qingwen was lotus made of water, and of course she was a beauty. When jia Baoyu tore the fan, in order to win a smile from the beauty, jia Baoyu sighed that a thousand pieces of gold could not buy a smile, which became a story of love between men and women in ancient and modern times.Qingwen is small, describe and have adult state, Cao Xueqin said chai 軃 pine temple, sweater with fading, a spring sleep holding heart.Qingwen is the only one who laments qunfang in a dream of red Mansions.Qingwen’s judgment was the first to appear in the Office of Bo Ming. One sentence said that she was graceful and clever, which made people feel angry. You can see that Qingwen looked very beautiful indeed.4, a dream is a dream of red mansions, the only a man who knows how to nail art qunfang, long green tube’s nails is that she is the symbol of love, most of the qing dynasty palace is such, qing-wen’s no nails, just look from there, qing-wen, regardless of beauty and know how to release the United States, this even, Mrs King think of jia baoyu is a dream with bad.Jia mother’s standard for beauty is appearance and skin, Jia mother sent Qingwen to Jia Baoyu, in fact, the second aunt, is also a vase placed there, its beauty and figure are jia Mother strict control.At the end of Qingwen, xue Baoqin, the beauty outside the red House, wrote a poem, which said: Only the fate of the romantic number, caused a lot of tongue.Treasure jade with a dream for many years, and unscathed, unlike attack and jia baoyu touching sex, until the dream is Mrs King after suspicious, with also look them up in the grand view garden such a pretty woman, when not into a drop of water meters Gu Fu out, be well, jack shall have Jill, finally and jia baoyu to give each other a underwear, gave the two wind nails together to jia baoyu,Expressed his love, said at the beginning is not impossible, just do not want to pollute their pure soul, verify cao Xueqin wrote judgment: Shou Yao more due to slander, affectionate childe empty concern.In this way, Qing Wen went to The Huangshan Mountain in love and hatred. After Lin Daiyu died, the author did not write, because the last meeting between Jia Baoyu and Qing Wen was the end of Lin Daiyu. Jia Baoyu gave Lin Daiyu nectar at the beginning, and finally gave Qing Wen nectar.True or false, true or false.