Do you understand how to turn on air conditioning and warm air to remove fog

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Windshield fogging is a situation that affects safe driving very much. If you want to deal with it well, you need to understand why the fogging occurs, so as to prevent and solve it in a targeted way.Today I would like to share my experience with you.Windshield fog is divided into two kinds, one is the outside of the windshield fog, the other is the inside of the windshield fog.The reason for the fog on the outside We all like to drink cold drinks in the hot summer, and there will be a layer of water on the outside of the drink bottle that has just been taken out of the refrigerator.This is because the bottle is too cold, causing water vapor in the air it comes in contact with to freeze and liquefy.In the summer, when you’re in your car with the air conditioner on, the windshield’s temperature is so low that it’s like a drink bottle, and the water vapor in the air it’s in contact with naturally liquefies and becomes droplets of water that stick to the glass surface.That’s why the outside of the windshield is fogging up.The solution is very simple, the car does not have a wiper, open it to brush OK.It should also be noted that the windshield does not fog in the summer when you turn on the air conditioner.After all, some people can run their air conditioning all summer without ever seeing fog on the outside of their windshield.Because there is a condition, that is, the humidity of the air must be large enough.Because no matter how cold the air conditioner is in the summer heat, it cannot blow the windshield to the same cold temperature as a cold drink, so it is not easy to liquefy the water vapor in the air.Only when the air is very humid can it allow some of the water vapor to liquefy.When is the humidity high in summer?There will be light rain before the storm.In these two kinds of weather, the air conditioning is very cold, which can easily cause fog on the outside of the windshield.What causes fogging on the inside of the windshield and what causes fogging on the inside of the windshield is essentially water vapor liquefaction.Like getting in your car early in the morning in the middle of winter, and it’s freezing everywhere.Human exhales contain a lot of water vapor, and this water vapor is also at a higher temperature, the standard 36.8 degrees Celsius, and even higher if you have a fever.When the water vapor hits a cold windshield, it quickly cools and liquefies. It sticks to the windshield, forming a layer of fog.The value is too low for the vapor produced by human breathing to be much of a defogger.There is a special case to be made, and that is the winter in the south.Fogging up the inside of the windshield and heating the air is not necessarily an option in this climate.Because the humidity in the air is too high.The winter in the south is famously bleak and cold, with high humidity and high temperature. The higher the temperature, the more water vapor can be contained. At this time, the air blown out by the warm wind is hot and wet, just like a cup of hot water under the windshield, which can not remove fog but will make the fog more and more.So it’s better to turn on the air conditioner if you want to defog it.When the air conditioner is turned on, a large amount of water vapor will condense and liquefy through the air conditioner evaporator, thus turning into relatively dry air.Summary windscreen outside fog directly open wiper can.In low temperature weather, the inside of the windshield fogs to open the warm air and external circulation.In high temperature, the inside of the windshield fogs up and the air conditioning and external circulation is turned on.Whenever the windshield is fogged, it is better to choose the external circulation. If you pay attention, you will find that all cars with automatic air conditioning will automatically switch to the external circulation when the windshield fogging function is turned on.Because theoretically the humidity of the air inside the car and the air outside the car is the same, but the air inside the car is more than the water vapor generated by the breath of the personnel, so the humidity will be higher, so the air humidity outside the car is always lower than that inside the car, so the outer circulation is open when the fog is removed.