Special Operations Episode 20: Nimmoon is accused of leaking secrets

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Because the special task of The Lightning operation was imminent, the Party Committee of the Armed Police Force took charge of it first and then went back to school for further study after the task was completed. This was a precious opportunity for Ningmeng and his three friends, and they would definitely cherish it.The instructor told everyone that the corps also gave everyone the most advanced equipment because of improving everyone’s ability. Everyone was very happy to see it, but some of the equipment was just an English instruction manual. Fortunately, Li Sisi and Tong Mengyao understood English and could help Qin Guan share it.Yang Shu alone in the side of the equipment, Ning Moon took the initiative to explain to her how to use.Each person is also equipped with rice earphones so they can’t be spotted by the other.In the evening, Ning Meng and Tong Mengyao translated the instructions at noon, so that their teammates could use them.Tong Mengyao and Ning Meng also compete to see who can master the new equipment most. Of course, they are the first friendship competition.Wu Jie learned from her sister Wu Mei that the new energy company affiliated to Yuanhang was concerned by the energy conference and the chairman of the conference. The company is bound to have top experts involved, and may be related to James’ data. Wu Mei let her brother investigate this matter as soon as possible.Wu Jie was very angry, after all, the last transport of new weapons has been blocked by armed police, this can not go wrong again.Qin told everyone to choose from among ning lemon, Yang Shu and Chen Haoze an assault team leader, xiao-wei guo angry feel unfair, I always rushed in front but in the end is not even carry work opportunity, xiao-wei guo yue xiaoyue injustice sat on the ground crying, Chen Haoze and Lin Yi coaxed the past, the three iron triangle together forever, no matter who carry work everyone not feeling.Did not expect guo Xiaowei actually laughed out, Guo Xiaowei is playing a trick on them.Ning Meng was getting familiar with the new equipment. She saw Qin Guan and deliberately went over to chat him up. Ning Meng was confident that he had done it, but Qin Guan didn’t think it was a big deal.Ningmoon asked Qin Guan what he thought of him in his eyes. Qin guan said that Ningmoon was good. Ningmoon was very happy and ran away.Guo Xiaowei is for Linyi bubo, if there is no punishment last time, this may also follow the Linyi dry, Linyi heard after the heart is not the taste ran away, Chen Haoze rushed out to comfort Linyi, Linyi said his gas is their own, but has not been willing to face the problem.In the evening, Xu Dongdong will Lin Yi to the training field chat, Xu Dongdong said the hair of the sniper rifle is the top, when the time comes Lin Yi’s ability will be promoted.In fact, Xu Dongdong is worried about Linyi will have a sense of difference, in order to want to comfort him, Xu Dongdong very happy Linyi can think of, she said in his heart Linyi is the most severe.Xu Dongdong saw Lin Yi head scar, the original Lin Yi in order to cover Chen Haoze worry will be found by bandits in order to stay still.Xu Dongdong is touching Lin Yi’s scar, did not expect to be training Yang Shu bumped into, it disturbs Xu Dongdong can’t sleep.The next few days of training, Xu Dongdong want to find the opportunity to explain and Yang Shu, Tong Mengyao also found that Xu Dongdong is wrong, Xu Dongdong had to tell Tong Mengyao this thing, Tong Mengyao can go to please Yang Shu, But Yang Shu does not eat this set.Xu Dongdong saw Yang Shu calling qin Guan. She was frightened, but fortunately Yang Shu said nothing.Ning Meng looked at the epaulets. Ning Lei was also a lieutenant with two stars. Ning Lei also said that the two stars on his shoulder were Ning Meng and his mother.Later, Qin called Ning Meng away and ning Meng was taken to his office.The superior leader asked Ningmoon whether she had ever visited a foreign university when she was studying in college. The leader showed her photos of Ningmoon and a foreigner. Ningmoon also admitted that he knew the other person.The leaders said that they had received an anonymous letter saying that the other party was a spy. They suspected that Ningmoon had leaked confidential data and presented a photo of them going to the hotel. Ningmoon quickly denied that the photo was synthetic and he had never been to the hotel.Qin guan felt very funny when he learned that Ningmoon had leaked secrets. It was certainly impossible for Ningmoon to leak secrets.The leader said this anonymous letter will certainly investigate clear, will not frame any one person.The comrade-in-arms also knew about Ningmoon, and they all worried about ningmoon’s mental condition. Ningmoon told them that he was ok.