No matter which world you are in, I love you

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Hello, everyone, I heard that you are short of books, boring and can not find a good book, is it, also as a small book fans today to recommend you a good novel, let book fans in minutes to read addictions do not sleep!, if you feel good, I hope you are handsome, handsome, charming, beautiful little brother little sister to small make up the article point a like plus a concern yo!No matter what world you’re in, I love you.Wuwei map peng scale hair, both hands were tied in the back, the orbit of deep nest revealed his decadence at this time, no god’s mou son after seeing the two people in the house, suddenly become ferocious, he roared: “Weiyuanfeng, I command you you put my whole clan of people!”Weiyuanfeng indifferent to see him one eye: “joke, you think you now have what qualifications command me?By the way, I want to inform you that I want your entire Turkic army to be buried with me.”Say that finish he squat down body clamp xia Yan’s lower jaw, ruthlessly way: “include you!”Xia Yan red eyes, faint looking at him, she is like lost soul general murmured: “you never believe me……Never!I wish I had never met you.”Finish the words, she began to cough, blood from the mouth out, dripping into the hands of Weiyuanfeng.Weiyuanfeng suddenly loosen his hand, like how hot the blood in general.See Xia Yan poison hair, Uweitu like crazy laugh, he revenge said: “Weiyuanfeng, I said all the words you can go to check, the avalanche is Xia Yan saved you, everyone gave up, only her hands in the snow to fight the life of digging.””Nonsense, that was Qin Wan Rou saved me…”Weiyuanfeng face as ice.”Qin Wanrou?Ha ha, at that time is Xia Yan cold faint, Qin Wan rou not only snatched you from her arms, but also threw her a person in the snow, my people took her back to the tribe, her hand was useless, raise a month can not take chopsticks!”Uweitu quenched his saliva, viciously.Weiyuanfeng pinched the fist, her hand really waste?Seeing his face moved, Uweitu sneered and laughed out: “This silly woman, she took a love flower and broke off the relationship with the Turks came to the Central Plains, she thought you would remember her, but you got engaged to Qin Wanrou after you went back.”(click on the below free reading) the second: the quick and the villain of wearing black author: streaking steamed bread wonderful excerpt: priority of nanxun suddenly stare big eyes, a white horse horse so from her eyes, leap out the stars in the sky across a beautiful arc, and then placed in front of the nanxun.Its limbs were long, its mane was shaggy and beautiful, and its tail was like an umbrella, holding up and shrinking, shining like a star.”Want to live?””The white horse asked, staring at Nanxun.Nanxun surface placid, but in the heart of the thunder rolling, constantly thundering.She dies, and then she sees a horse, and it’s a talking horse with its own halo!”I am the ancient god beast void beast. I am the Lord of time and space. I can break void, travel through time and space, go back to the past and go to the future.”White said.Broken void?Time travel?Nanxun was stunned at first, then pointed to it and laughed, “Baby, don’t tease me, ha ha…”However, before nanxun had laughed enough, she felt a huge sense of pressure suddenly swept in, and her soul was suddenly squeezed out of shape!In the blink of an eye, she was in an antique hall, and the women inside were wearing skirts with flowing sleeves.Nanxun silly into stone carving, too late to see, her soul is a twist.Such a decade, Nanxun saw a variety of space worlds, such as ancient Kings and nobles, the world of warlords in the Republic of China, quasi-modern space, xiuzhen world, interstellar world…There are primitive society, a nothing to wear, wrapped under a leaf, particularly hot eyes.First: A woman sits on the ground in the darkness.One leg crossed, the other propped up, her arms resting on her knees, she was lazy and uninhibited.Her beautiful eyes half closed, looking at the white light of the beast in front of her, slightly raised eyebrows. “Oh?”The lazy frowns.The host is a goddess, but used to be known as gentle and kind, how now temperament seems to change?But it’s not important, it’s the way out!”Interesting.”The woman chuckled.The woman stood up, her hair flowing like a cascade. “Come on, Kitty.”When the white light disappeared, the beast turned out to be a cat with white hair and green eyes.(Click below to read for free) That’s all for today’s recommendation. What kind of novel do you like to read? You can comment in the comments area below the end of this article.Strong push three male master possessive ancient language abuse love, with full screen meat fragrance, crazy and spoiled want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to the nurse push novel