Ningxia recruitment and transfer students on February 13 open post selection

2022-06-24 0 By

On February 10, reporters learned that according to the “Announcement of 2022 Ningxia Recruitment and Transfer Of Students” and relevant regulations, the public selection time of the selected students is 3 PM on February 13, at the conference center on the first floor of the Federation of Trade Unions of Autonomous Regions, No. 135 Zhengyuan North Street, Jinfeng District, Yinchuan city.According to the introduction, according to the total examination results determined by the physical examination personnel, to participate in the public selection of posts.Attend public optional hold id card, the test pass, they choose pre-service nucleic acid testing negative reports, 48 hours “communications data travel card” (display) from low risk regions, by the check “health code” for the green yard, field measurement temperature is normal (physical examination time is February 14 at 8 in the morning, according to certain physical exam grade,Candidates who apply for combined positions should first take part in the public selection and then undergo physical examination.On the day of physical examination, candidates should go to the designated place on time with their id card, admission ticket and 2 recent 2-inch bareheaded photos.Those who do not attend according to the prescribed time shall be deemed to have given up automatically.(Neizvestia Reporter Pei Yan)