Does huizhou Bay Expressway not include huidong branch line?

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In December last year, Guangdong Development and Reform Department issued “Public Notice before approval of The Project of Huizhou Huicheng to Huiyang Xiayong Expressway (Huizhou Bay Expressway)”. According to the content, the project is composed of two parts, namely the main line and shuikou branch line, with a total length of 69.54 kilometers, which shows that Huizhou Bay Expressway does not include the Huidong Branch line.Recently, the project has been approved and publicized, of course, Huizhou has already started work, these are just a walking process.Huizhou Bay Expressway does not include The Huidong branch line, and the aforementioned Bidding for Investors of Huiping Expressway does not include the Xinwei branch line.The reason may be that the Huidong branch line + Xinwei branch line overlapped with Shaqing Expressway.Huidong branch line and Xinwei branch line are not included in the “14th five-year Comprehensive transportation plan of Guangdong”, of course shuikou branch line does exist.Shaqing expressway is a high-speed huizhou Huiyang Shatin to Dongguan Qingxi.The Dongguan section of Shaqing Expressway is called Huitang Expressway, which has been built and operated for many years. In fact, it passes through Qingxi and Tangxia in Dongguan, which has little relationship with Huizhou.The Shaqing expressway has been planned for almost 10 years, but huizhou has not started it because it has no money and too much investment.Paradoxically, the shenzhen-Dongguan-Huizhou red trunk line currently under construction in Huizhou also overlapped with the Shaqing Expressway.Shenzhen-dongguan-huizhou red line passes through the place with the Height of The Shaqing Expressway, even if the shenzhen-Dongguan-Huizhou red line is eventually completed and declared as the Shaqing Expressway and charges will not be surprising.Shaqing Expressway, Shenzhen-Dongguan-Huizhou Red Trunk Line, Huidong Branch line and Xinwei Branch Line are all mixed together. Huizhou is afraid to have no idea how to build it.The highway network proposed by Huizhou 14th Five-year plan is “nine horizontal, eight vertical and three encrypted”, among which Shaqing expressway and Huidong Branch line + Xinwei branch line are listed separately, but this plan may not be supported by the province.