Central media onlookers different Xi ‘an New City played the opening song of high progress, more than 100 media focus on the colorful Streamer Xi ‘an New Year

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On February 4, the fourth day of the first lunar month, many citizens and tourists came to datang Lotus Garden to enjoy the lights and scenery, experience the charm of Datang, poetic Spring Festival;Full of vitality, the New Year.After a round of epidemic, xi ‘an nonyl tiger year start doomed to not be the same as ever, more than hundred media xian Spring Festival to the attention of a more diverse: in addition to “changan still hit a return to” festival times, “the construction of key projects not stopped production” “multiple sites into the TOP20 popular scenic spot” more reflect the tenacity of xi ‘an after going through a difficult and pride.At the beginning of the New Year, Xi ‘an came through the snow and snow to welcome the Spring Festival. The Spring Festival atmosphere quickly took place, attracting mainstream media such as Xinhuanet, CCTV.com and People’s Daily Online to gather onlookers.”The dazzling land and water lanterns and the magnificent ‘Fu Hu Spring Tour’ make people linger on and forget to return.”On February 3, the beautiful lanterns of The Datang Furong Garden in Xi ‘an appeared on CCTV’s News broadcast.”International online” pushed a number of photos of “Qujiang punch card”, “every group photo is full of New Year flavor”.Xinhua also focuses on xi ‘an many times during the Spring Festival, continuous roll out “cattle run tiger yue in the spring of the new – people from all walks of life to celebrate the New Year” “changan still return the festival atmosphere Xi ‘an citizens to celebrate the year of the tiger lunar New Year “and other related reports, in the form of figure, such as video, display of datang north square of the city that never sleeps, the wild goose pagoda, the wall of the scenic area, flower market, market lively festive atmosphere,To convey the joy and beauty of Xi ‘an New Year, the manuscript has been forwarded and pushed by more than 100 media such as Xinhuanet, People’s Daily Online, China.org.cn, Huanqiu, Chinanews.com, Learning Power, CCTV.com, China Youth network and so on.Guanzhong features also become a highlight of the report.During the festival, nearly 60 media, such as the Government network of China, Xinhuanet and Huanqiu.com, pushed the Xinhua News Agency issued the “Happy New Year” photo report, a number of pictures of the first day of the New Year huayin old cavity, drums, lion dance and other performances, showing a thick atmosphere of joy and happiness.During the festival, the news of the opening of many famous scenic spots in Xi ‘an spread like wildfire, and the number of tourists gradually recovered.”Drum tower scenic spot in xi ‘an and terracotta warriors and horses museum are among the TOP20 popular scenic spots,” according to qunar on feb 3.In addition, Xi ‘an City Wall, Huaxia Cultural Tourism Ocean Park and Datang Furong Garden ranked the top three hot scenic spots in Shaanxi in the 2022 Spring Festival Tourism Summary Report released by Ctrip.Although Feb 7 is the first working day after the Spring Festival for many people, workers in many industries in Xi ‘an have started their new journey early.During the holidays, Xi ‘an accelerated the resumption of work and production, and the production of a hot line of different scenes dressed up the city, attracting the focus of the central media.”There is no work stopper, no production stopper during the Spring Festival…For the year of the Tiger played a high ‘opening song’.”As reported by Xinhuanet.com, during the Spring Festival, many industrial enterprises in Xi ‘an responded positively to the call of the government to celebrate the Spring Festival in place and key enterprises did not stop work, and accelerated the resumption of production.Similarly, on February 5, People’s Daily introduced the busy scene of the first experimental school construction project in Xi ‘an during the Spring Festival holiday.China Daily reported that the construction of xi ‘an High-tech Children’s Hospital project is still on schedule.International online introduced the New Year’s News of workers in Qujiang New Area e-sports Industrial Park;Xinhuanet.com published several reports of xi ‘an subway and school construction project builders sticking to their posts to celebrate the Spring Festival.In addition, a series of good news, such as “Xi ‘an set up a large-scale innovation investment fund of 10 billion yuan”, “Xi ‘an took 18 measures to support the resumption of work and production” and “Xi ‘an extended the period of new energy vehicle consumption subsidy to March 31”, were pushed by central media such as Xinhuanet.com and People’s Daily Online, showing xi ‘an’s “core” measures to promote economic recovery.As the mascot of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, Bing Dwen Dwen is hard to find, so let’s take a look at the real-life bing Dwen Dwen.Qizai, the world’s only captive brown giant panda, has been undergoing physical training under the orderly guidance of his keepers at the Qinling Giant Panda Research Center in Xi ‘an, The Xinhua News Agency reported on February 1.In the video, Qizai in the snow, sometimes under the guidance of the keeper upright, naughty walk sideways;Sometimes catch food and sit on the floor happy to eat up, lovely lovely, very interesting.The report received more than 980,000 page views and attracted many netizens, who jokingly called Qizai “the supreme treasure among national treasures”.Moreover, relevant content was also published on Xinhua’s overseas social media accounts, covering 49,258 users and generating a total of 2,035 interactions.