This “desk” in Weifang High-tech Zone has magic power. The dark room for many years becomes bright

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At 9:30 in the morning, the “mobile desk” of Jincheng Community appeared in Jinyu Huafu district, attracting many residents to consult, while the staff answered, while busy registering information in the book.”We invite the street hotline office and the community property staff together, with a desk to the community office site.”Yan Chengyu, the party secretary of Jincheng Community, said he hoped to get a closer look at residents’ demands and solve difficulties in this way.Mr Jiang had bought a second-hand house in Jinyu Huafu district, only to find that only the lights in their basement were not on.An inquiry, is the legacy of developers.Mr. Jiang registered in front of the “mobile desk” with the mentality of trying. He had no hope at first, but was stopped by Liu Zonghui, member of the Party Working Committee of Xincheng Street.”Uncle Jiang, are you free now? Let’s go and have a look.”Led by Mr. Jiang, the street, community and property went straight to the basement.”Lights, wires, but it doesn’t work.”After careful inspection, the property electrician gave a solution, “open line, about 50 meters”.”It doesn’t cost much, so don’t let the owner bear it.”After viewing the situation, Liu Zonghui immediately contacted the property for consultation.In less than two days, Mr. Jiang’s problem was satisfactorily solved, and the basement had electricity and light.This small incident is just one of the many problems jincheng community has solved through its “mobile desk”.A total of 4303 residents, it is reported that chengdu community in district 12, in order to ensure the community management, property management, security, environmental protection, such as hotline to deal with the key work quality and efficient propulsion, community in-depth implementation “I does the practical work for the masses” activities, will be the party leading the community construction and community governance system and the combination of grid service management,Set up “mobile desk” in turn in each community, let residents handle business “less running.””We bring the ‘mobile desk’ to the community is to facilitate residents to report and solve problems nearby, in fact, some ‘complaints’ can be solved within the community.”Yan chengyu said.”Mobile desk” is the “agency” of the community convenient service hall, which undertakes the business handled by residents in the service hall.Its handling process, staff responsibilities, working system, accountability and other ways to deal with the same hall, the specific handling of matters mainly involve civil affairs, family planning, social security and other community needs to deal with the relevant affairs.”If we can solve it immediately, we can solve the small conflicts between the residents and the property, and mediate them on the spot.”Yan chengyu said that the “mobile desk” of the community visited the district twice a week to answer residents’ questions in time, and had solved 37 problems so far.(Report by Dazhong Daily client reporter Zhang Bei correspondent Guo Xin)