“Security battle” Forest police detachment launched a crackdown on the destruction of wildlife resources illegal crimes “winter and spring strike” special action

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In winter and spring, crimes related to wild animals are prone to occur, especially during the Spring Festival. In order to effectively protect wild animal resources, effectively popularize knowledge of laws and regulations related to wild animal protection, shoulder political responsibility for ecological protection, and ensure biological safety in Anshan,The Forest Police Detachment of Anshan Public Security Bureau organized the police to carry out a special action of “Strike hard in winter and spring” to crack down on illegal crimes of destroying wildlife resources.For strengthening the protection of wild animals, consolidate the achievements of ecological civilization construction in anshan, effectively curb destruction of wildlife illegal and criminal activities, forest police detachment, public security bureau carried out for two days of law enforcement patrol inspection work, successively into the city each big key farmer’s market, flower place, scenic spots around the hotel has carried on the big screen actions,We will severely crack down on illegal activities such as selling wildlife, trading wildlife products and overeating wildlife, and put an end to illegal activities that destroy wildlife resources.Forest police detachment further standardize and strengthen the protection of wildlife resources management and utilization of wild animal protection law to the operator and the relevant laws and regulations, in view of the current legal issues related to wildlife and its products industry operators are easy to understand, to popularize the wild animals of the People’s Republic of China protects a law “the relevant provisions,Businesses engaged in wildlife breeding and the sale of wildlife products are required to operate in a lawful and standardized manner.Activities, in addition to strengthen the patrol inspection, police also actively flyers to distribute wildlife protection, popular science of the wildlife conservation knowledge, actively guide the masses conscientiously resist eating, disorderly catching hunting, illegal and criminal ACTS of illegal trade in destruction of wildlife resources, explain to the masses and patiently how to protect themselves and meet with wild animals should be handled,Let the people also participate in the protection of wildlife action.A complete coverage of forest city public security bureau police team will continue to carry out screening and comprehensive to combat the illegal crime of all kinds of destruction of wildlife resources, always keep crackdown on high pressure situation, the illegal crime molecules to form a strong shock, and extensive publicity and education, strengthen the cooperation between the people and jointly maintain good biological resources safety, contributing to anshan ecological civilization construction of the forest public security forces.Up to now, 22 police officers have been dispatched, 6 vehicles have been deployed, 36 people have received education, more than 120 copies of publicity materials have been distributed, 14 farmers’ markets, wildlife trading places, restaurants and hotels have been inspected, and 3 key areas have been inspected.END feed unit forest police detachment contributor | | anshan city public security bureau Du Chunhao edit | | jing yi for crystal audit mighty