Penalty change + red card!Manchester United are frustrated by the defeat of their favourites in the Africa Cup of Nations

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On January 30, the Africa Cup of Nations came to the quarter-finals, with favourites Tunisia taking on dark horses Burkina Faso.In first-half stoppage time, Faisal Ouattara ran in and hazri fell in the penalty area in the second half, but the referee refused to award a penalty.In the end, Tunisia lost 1-0 and missed out on the semi-finals again.In the 27th minute, Tunisia won a free-kick in front of the goal, hazri from 25 meters away, was the Burkina Faso goalkeeper brilliant save.Two minutes into stoppage time, burkina Faso, who had been beaten by a passive side, burst into action and faisal Ouattara raced from the right and angled home from inside the penalty area to put Tunisia 1-0 down.In the 51st minute, Burkina Faso made another lightning attack when Bayala saved a right-footed shot from a teammate’s cross and missed the chance to extend the lead.In the 68th minute, Ali Maroule’s free kick went straight into the corner and Coffey saved it again.In the 77th minute, there was controversy on the field, Tunisian core Hazri was brutally put down in the penalty area.The referee awarded the penalty in the first place and then changed it after watching the VAR.Of course, slow motion also saw that Soumaila – Ouattara kicked the ball first, then because of inertia to bring down Hazri, not intentional foul.The Tunisian defender fell to the ground in agony in the 83rd minute after Faisal Warata elbowed Ali Maroule at the top of the line.The referee looked at the VAR again and sent the Burkina Faso striker off with a red card.The stats showed 33 fouls, 17 by Burkina Faso and 16 by Tunisia, with five yellow and one red card.But Tunisia were unable to overcome their deficit and were eliminated 1-0.Since 1998, Tunisia have played Burkina Faso five times, with a draw and four losses.On three occasions in the Knockout stages of the Africa Cup of Nations, Tunisia were the backdrop for their opponents’ revelries.Winners of the 2004 Africa Cup of Nations, Tunisia have reached the quarter-finals in their last four tournaments but have been eliminated three times in the quarter-finals, the only exception being a 3-0 win over Madagascar before losing to Senegal.Tunisia’s exit may be most depressing for Manchester united’s rising star, Alessandro Maybury.The talented 19 – year – old midfielder was not used by coach Kebar in the tournament, only two appearances.Maybury sat on the bench for 90 minutes in the quarter-final as his team was once again knocked out of the semi-finals.