Let’s make rabbit lanterns for the Lantern Festival

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In order to let the children in the community have a sense of the Lantern Festival, February 14, the xuhui district party committee propaganda department (government), xuhui district new era civilization practice center, hunan street working committee, the office of the host, China ZhongFuHui press together to undertake read the picture book “the rabbit lantern” to play the Lantern Festival activities, the upcoming residential practice standing at the new era of civilization,Community 7 parent-child families participated.At the beginning of the activity, Su Liangliang, the director of the art editing room of China Welfare Association Press, told us about the picture book “Rabbit Lantern”. Through describing the phoenix boat lantern, door god, Kunqu Opera, goldfish, lantern appreciation, lantern setting and other special activities of the Lantern Festival in Xiaolian’s dream, the topic of why the Lantern Festival is made of rabbit lantern is introduced.The Lantern Festival rabbit lantern, because the rabbit in the rabbit lantern, represents the jade rabbit in the moon, the fifteenth day of the first month is both the festival and the full moon, rabbit lantern to express people’s good hope for reunion.Teacher Su introduced the production of rabbit lamp materials, production steps, precautions, after speaking, we began to make rabbit lamp, after more than ten minutes, yizhanzhan vivid rabbit lamp exhibition now in front of everyone.Through this activity, let the children understand the colorful traditional festivals, to create a happy and peaceful, healthy festive atmosphere.By making rabbit lanterns, the children exercised their hands-on ability, enhanced the parent-child affection, and fully felt the joy of the Lantern Festival.Guess you like: send you flower flower!A romantic name is “live” do good “hand in hand ~ | love warm heart spring dumplings, a bowl of warm heart reunion make dumplings!| love live “warm spring” ShuangJian “after the first winter vacation” insufficient balance “!Xuhui small children are busy “tan” homework | love “live warm heart spring Lantern Festival will come, come and feel the charm of the rule of law under the lantern riddle in advance ~ | love” live warm heart spring Shanghai film museum celebrates the dumplings!Cross-border folk music light innovation | love spring reporters: “live warm heart breeze, wei-min wang editor: cao ninh binh English proofreading: Wang Bingqian reprint please indicate the from Shanghai xuhui official account