GA6 super value sedan car, live up to the good times

2022-06-23 0 By

The 2022 Trumpchi GA6 has been upgraded to 18 configuration functions without price increase, and the center control large screen of elite and luxury models has been upgraded to 10.25 inches.In addition, the elite version also increases the front side airbag, cruise control cruise, luxury version increases LED headlights, side air curtain, the honorable version increases automatic headlights, automatic wiper, 360 panoramic image, four door anti-clip (with a key lift).Rich security configuration greatly improves travel safety.Four “super value” preferential policies: super value financial gift: up to 7000 yuan super discount, 5-year super long loan;Super value replacement gift: up to 5000 yuan replacement subsidy;3 years of free road rescue service;Premium data gift: free basic data for life, free entertainment data for life (1G/ month).Welcome to the store for more surprise benefits.Gac Trumpchi brand comprehensive upgrade, let you control tomorrow’s technology, open a better life, a Trumpchi wisdom, better