Bet the king’s house is isolated?The second, third and fourth rooms kept close relations, only the big room sued the second room

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After Mr. Ho’s death, there was a brief period of silence in the casino family, but not long after that, disputes broke out between the family and the second family, and Pansy and Pansy applied to the court for a memo.In late November, Ms. Ho formally filed a petition for two new administrators, and the outcome of the lawsuit has not been made public.From the analysis of the situation, gambling king family contention property disturbance around the big room and between the two rooms, but in fact involved in each room.In addition, the property dispute also let the second, third and fourth rooms to achieve unprecedented unity, compared with the previous four rooms and the big room to boycott the second room (the original property dispute), this change is undoubtedly huge, I believe that behind this in addition to interests, but also because of Stanley Ho’s death.The whole family although by 2 rooms “three sisters younger brother” (He Pansy, He Pansy feng, Ho You Long) control, but in fact 4 rooms in terms of actual strength is no less than 2 rooms, and the direction of management has very big difference.Sifang’s main business is real estate. In addition, he also serves as a director of the company held by The second family. His son, Lawrence Ho, also holds an important position in the company.Judging from this complex relationship, the second and fourth rooms are very harmonious, and the mode of getting along in private is also very positive.On January 23, he Chaoxin, the youngest daughter of the fourth house, posted a photo of her with the third generation of the second house, He Tiaoheng (daughter of He Chaofeng), again causing netizens to bet on the relationship between each house of the wang family.In the photo, niece He Tiao Heng puts her hand on Ho Chiu Hin’s shoulder and smiles at the camera, showing a harmonious relationship.Judging from the background of the photo, it should be in one of the family’s luxurious homes. From this analysis, there is no so-called “hatred” between the fourth and second families.The second generation and the third generation of such a harmonious scene is really rare.As for room 3 and room 4 not to mention, when Lawrence ho and Xi Mengyao gave birth to their second child, Angela Leong and Chan Yuen-chen came to the mainland hand in hand, this move proves that there is no so-called “hatred” between each other, there is only the unity after the death of gambling king.As for the relationship between the third house and the second house, not to mention.Chen wan-chen’s sister Chen Wan-fang is the dry daughter of Laam’s father, so The relationship between Chen wan-chen and Laam is very good, but Laam has long been out of Hong Kong, so the chance to see her is very little, but it can be concluded that the relationship between the second and third rooms is also very friendly.From this series of diagrams, the big house is currently isolated.The reason why “isolated” big room, in fact, also has a lot of reasons, the first is that the children of big room has “withered”, only he Chaoxian, He Chaoxiong, but also are female, in the competition for property above the “threat” nature is not very big.The complaint raised by Dante Ho is mainly about “increasing the estate administrator” (his sister, Dante Ho, does not participate), but the second, third and fourth families all agreed to the earlier arrangement, which proves that Da Fang has been isolated by the other three families.This is why many netizens are surprised that He Chaoxin and He Tiaoheng can get together. These small details all illustrate the changes in the family relationship.