Spend $189.5, collect $190!A restaurant in Xiamen was fined more than 4,000 yuan for “reverse zero erasure”

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“Round off” this calculation method is well-known, but not in the right place may constitute a violation of the law!Recently, a restaurant in Haicang District, Xiamen, Fujian province, was fined 4,148.41 yuan by the Haicang District Market Supervision Administration for “rounding up” payments.Restaurant cashier default “rounding” Xiao is haicang restaurant owner.One day, consumers Liu in xiao restaurant dining, consumption of 189.5 yuan.After Liu paid on wechat, he found 190 yuan had been deducted from his payment record.Although he only received 50 cents more, Liu thought wechat pay was non-cash and there was no problem with change, so he demanded a refund of the extra 50 cents.Xiao mou expresses the cashier system default “rounding”, such cashier way is very normal, there is rounding into, think Liu Mou is deliberately find fault, refuse to return 5 fen money.Liu mou feels unreasonable, dial 12315 to report complaints.Violation of the receipt of a ticket received liu reflection of the situation, haicang market supervision law enforcement officers to check xiao’s restaurant, found that liu reflection is true.The cashier system used by Xiao uses the “rounding” collection method, that is, less than 0.5 yuan (excluding) will be directly deducted from the odd, more than 0.5 yuan (including) will be rounded up, reflected in the closing bill “preferential information” below the “wipe zero” column, “wipe zero” number is a positive number indicates the amount of the deduction of the odd,A negative “wipe zero” number indicates the amount overcharged by rounding up.In order to facilitate the settlement of daily business, the use of “round” collection.Rounding may seem normal, but it’s illegal to overcharge.Law enforcement officials said that this behavior violates the “Price Law of the People’s Republic of China” article 13 paragraph 2 “operators shall not sell goods beyond the marked price, shall not collect any unmarked fees”, constitute an illegal act of selling goods beyond the marked price or collecting unmarked fees.Market supervision and law enforcement officers remind the “rounding” calculation method, mainly in order to save the trouble of cash change, especially the need to weigh the goods will appear gross points.But now most consumers pay through wechat, Alipay and other mobile payment methods, which can be accurate to the point, there is no problem of change.Operator arbitrarily adopts “rounding off” cashier means, but did not inform consumer, according to “consumer rights and interests protection law” regulation, this infringed consumer right to know, violated the principle of fair trade.If consumers encounter such situations, please keep relevant documents and call 12315 to complain and report.In today’s electronic payment era, payment can be accurate to the corner, minutes, businesses should be honest settlement.