Slaughter of The Three Kingdoms: add a skill to Ma Chao, roar directly exclude, can become a true horse god?

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To experience, to meet!Today is another energetic day, go chase your love xinghai!Hello everyone, I am durian. Welcome to this episode of durian says Three Kingdoms!Bound d terrier is too much, now with a friend yesterday DMS durian, want to add a to d skills, ask me what is better, durian thought for a little bit about the, found that this is a good material, boundary d the player has the very high prestige in the heart, you should be careful because for gods skills, here are follow durian and see it together.This is a skill of Guo Jia. When your decision card comes into effect, you can get this card immediately. We all know that The world horse is powerful because he can block the enemy’s skills.Many of the blood peddlers of Wei ran away when they saw ma Chao as a mouse sees a cat (Cao Cao was hinted at).If you give the world ma Chao plus a day jealous, equivalent to his judgment cards can be immediately obtained, each round as long as constantly kill, is a yingzi effect, very exaggerated.This time some small partners are unconvinced, equivalent to the effect of a yingzi, why not directly add a Yingzi?Durian stayed, as if you can, directly with a world yingzi, not only can touch a card, but also don’t be afraid of blood pressure after being abandoned cards, whether it is the ability to control the bureau or the outbreak of ability, have a certain guarantee, when durian smug, and accident.”Since you can add Yingzi, why not add a tun grain?One more card to draw!”Another fan’s words, let durian into a meditation, seems to be this truth ah!Yingzi can touch more than a card, tun grain can touch more than two cards, is not beautiful zai?Hoarding grain is li Feng’s skill, but also the reason for Li Feng to become the God of Li. Now the god of horse and the God of Li, who is not afraid of this fighting force?Each turn can touch two more cards, basically can guarantee the supply of kill, if not really black face, should not appear several rounds without a kill.”Then why not add a camp?God ganning’s skills are so powerful!”Double knife plus Yingzi, which is more useful than simple Yingzi or tun grain, in addition, look at others not pleasing to the eye or who is hanging happy words, a direct camp robbery in the past, the enemy instant mentality explosion.Durian frowned and found that things are not simple, this is simple to add a skill on the line, how to roll up, against the volume, start from me.This is not as good as directly adding a god Guo Jia skills, 10 maximum physical strength guarantee bottom Li Feng, not more powerful.So we still want to have a look at the standard package of skills, durian can only roar and guanyu value eye, but d though is a god, but the essence is a touch card is white, because with a roar, feeling good is not too big, even if your skills again, no hand or no use.So roar directly exclude, not equal to add a guan Yu of the martial arts, at least continue to kill, so ma Shi break kill art no longer afraid.I am durian, love games, love you more!What skill would you add to the world horse?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section!PS: Thank you for reading ~~ the original is not easy, just by hand, if you like, click on it