Reflection on the status quo of “Employee (model worker) Innovation Studio” and the work of trade union

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Not long ago, a total of 6 employee (model worker) innovation studios of Jineng Holding company were awarded the honorary title of “Shanxi Energy Industry employee innovation Studios”, accounting for 21.4% of employees (model worker) innovation studios in the province.And “Cailiang Innovation Studio” won the honor of “National Model worker and craftsman Talent Innovation Studio”.There is no doubt that in recent years, the labor union of Jineng Holding Group has always played a major role in improving the overall quality of the staff and workers. The staff (model workers) Innovation Studio has become an incubator of skills and talents.So, the “difference” and further in the future, the union will continue to play a role of “big school”, and strengthen professional skills training and innovation, implementation of reengineering the worker quality, training more “artisans of the great powers”, let the spirit shine SanJin earth, condense construction “, the green innovation, excellence, efficiency “jin can holding positive energy, contribute to datong city clean energy construction.First, how to view the role of the current workers (model workers) innovation studio to carry out the creation of workers (model workers) innovation studio activities, is the current trade union organization to cultivate the new era of skill, operation of the important means of talent, for the masses of workers technical innovation, labor efficiency to provide a stage to show talent.As the forerunner of high-quality development of enterprises, the innovation studio of employees (model workers) should bear the brunt and take the lead in leapfrog. It shows its actions in talent preparation, achievement and development, and provides powerful power for creating world-class modern energy enterprises.At present, the employees (model workers) innovation studios active in each major sector of Jineng Holding play a leading role in skills and technology research and innovation, talent reserve and skill inheritance, emergency repair and theoretical research and other aspects of the demonstration, “incubator”, “experimental field”, “promotion station” and “commando” function more prominent.As an “old” large-scale state-owned energy flagship enterprise, we have also played a leading role in the number, quality, operation scale and transformation of theoretical research achievements of employees (model workers) innovation studios.First, large scale.From the number of named shanxi coal mine trade union, named 28 workers (model workers) innovation studios, only Jineng Holdings accounted for 21.4%, which is in line with the contribution and status of Shanxi Province as the national energy major province.Second, there is constant support.The creation activity started with a bang and blossomed everywhere;When the creation activity runs, a hundred flowers bloom together and the results are remarkable, giving play to the “model” demonstration effect.Third, employees (model workers) innovation studio role return positioning, from the initial where the accident to where the “maintenance group”, “fire brigade” gradually return to the technical skills “laboratory”.Second, the trade union should build the cultural brand of “great country craftsman”.In recent years, the mass values of young workers show a diversified trend, those who have made great contributions to the country and enterprises, and achieved their own “great country artisans” become the “stars” in the hearts of young workers.How to let these beside “star” become the example of worker masses?Trade union organizations at all levels should speed up cultural construction, organize literary and art creation teams to collect and sort out the advanced deeds of “great power craftsmen” in different enterprises, and concentrate superior forces on elaborately creating literary and art works in various forms, such as novels, reportage, essays, dramas, songs and other works.Through literature review, stage play, rhythmic storytelling to clapper accompaniment, and make a short video showing “spirit”, especially datong rhythmic storytelling to clapper accompaniment to take advantage of this kind of popular and unique cultural brand, leading the craftsmen of the great powers “form the brand effect, enhance the attraction and appeal and influence of the masses, to the worker to make” spirit “handed down from generation to generation, never fade.The trade union should give play to the brand effect of the workers’ (model workers) Innovation Studio. The purpose of building the cultural brand of “Great Country craftsman” is to let the workers “learn from examples, pursue goals, and catch up with methods”, so that they can become respected skilled talents, create wealth for the society and win honor for themselves.The trade union should make use of the platform of “workers (model workers) Innovation studio” to encourage workers to update their knowledge constantly, actively explore new development concepts, master new skills and techniques, and create new results and results.Worker (model) innovation studio to be tailored for each worker learning training plan, growth plans, through “teacher + I” training mode, in a specific subject, teacher “field” drills “trick” bright “trick”, show, exhibition “skills”, one-to-one, one-to-many “pass, help, belt,” apprentice “than, learn, catch” practice iron-cloth, learn skills,Make the studio truly become the “incubator” of enterprise skills and talents, the “experimental field” of innovation theory, and the “converter” of technological achievements.In recent years, “Cailiang Innovation Studio”, which focuses on dust control of underground working face, has conquered and studied 38 technical problems of coal mine dust control, and 6 scientific and technological achievements have obtained national patents.Li Jianjun worker innovation studio has overcome technical problems in the process of coal washing and processing.483 innovative achievements of employees were displayed in the first promotion conference of excellent achievements in technical innovation of employees of Jineng Holdings, and the brand effect of employee innovation studio was significantly improved.4. There is no shortcut for trade unions to tap the innovation potential of workers by taking small steps.At present, the “five Small” competition is still the main channel and main way for workers to participate in innovation in the process of production and management, and has become an effective carrier to implement the enterprise’s science and technology and business philosophy.The labor union should exert the advantage of strong organization ability, adhere to the principle of “opening canal first, releasing water later”, further expand the field and channel of “five small” competition, set off the upsurge of “technological innovation” in the enterprise, promote the scientific and technological work of the enterprise, and accelerate the construction of skilled workers.”Five small” competition activities to highlight a “small” word, workers and the masses should be based on their own posts, from the “small reform” to start, innovation must be conducive to promoting high-quality development of enterprises, conducive to the play of wisdom and wisdom, conducive to solving practical problems in production and management.We need to set up innovative research projects for enterprises’ production and operation, save energy consumption, reduce costs and increase profits, and integrate technological research and innovation into production and operation safety, so as to solve problems and achieve results.”Minor reform” is one of the effective ways to reengineer the quality of workers’ technical skills.The trade union should strengthen the function of organization and coordination and promote the project of reengineering the quality of workers.We should give full play to the leading role of culture and make the “great Power craftsman” a model for contemporary young workers to learn.The innovation studio of workers (model workers) is an effective carrier for enterprises to achieve high-quality development and workers to grow into talents, and plays an irreplaceable role in improving the technical skills of industrial workers.In the new era, the workers (model workers) innovation studio to carry forward the achievements, make persistent efforts, seize the momentum, with the spirit of innovation, pragmatic style, promote the high-quality development of enterprises.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a wrong source or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, we will deal with it in time.Email address:;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)