Qilihe public security “team binding” to crack down on fraud downstream multi-level crimes

2022-06-22 0 By

Through the active implementation of the “municipal bureau research, district and county main battle, technical support, police station control, team bunched operation” to combat the new type of telecommunications fraud network crime new mode, recently Qilihe Public Security sub-bureau Dunhuang Road police station and criminal investigation five brigade, together to fight against electricity fraud downstream multi-level crime, captured suspects 3.In December 2021, Dunhuang Road police station found in their daily work that han, a native of Qinghai province, was suspected of using his bank card to “run” the “black accounts” for others.After getting clues, the police station for the first time joint Qilihe branch criminal investigation five brigade set up a task force.After 3 days of squatting, the final police in anning district shui Hang zhuang near the suspect Han captured.The suspect Han mou to oneself to the province, using their bank cards to help the electric fraud gang “run points” “money laundering” criminal behavior confessed.In the investigation process, the police obtained the crime level of the case.Yang, a lanzhou yongdeng citizen, is suspected of organizing Han and others and going to other provinces for “running points” and “money laundering”.The task force immediately started the “team binding operation” mechanism, the establishment of the arrest special class, after nearly a week of squatting, On February 9, the police in the case in the chengguan District Xiguan word near the arrest suspect Yang.Subsequently, on February 17 evening in the red ancient district captured accomplice Li mou.After review, Yang, Li han mou cover up the income case online organizers, has repeatedly organized others to the province “money laundering” “run points”, the implementation of electric fraud crime.At present, the criminal suspect Han mou was arrested in accordance with the law, criminal suspects Yang mou, Li mou was detained in accordance with the law, the relevant case is being further investigated.Lanzhou Daily all media reporter Wang Jin