More convenient!Guiyang online university city college through train to return to school

2022-06-22 0 By

Recently, the reporter learned from Guiyang public transport Group, in order to help college students smoothly and easily back to school, Guiyang public transport Group Guizhou Shuang bus college through train back to school frequency expedite online.Guiyang railway station, Guiyang North Station, Huayuan direct bus, one station directly to the university city each big university gate.The specific routes are as follows: 1. Guiyang Railway Station — University Town via:City College — University Town — Huayan Road — Entrance of Dongqing South Road — Polytechnic — Siya South Road — Siya South Road (middle) — Dongqing South Road — Dongqing South Road (west) — Siya Road (North) — Customized bus stop sign of Guiyang Railway Station (next to 255)City College — University Town — Huayan Road — Dongqing South Intersection — Polytechnic — Siya South Road — Siya South Road (middle) — Siya Road — Siya Road — Siya Road (north) — Huaxi Pingqiao — Yangniupo — Guiyang North Railway Station Bus Stop 5 (next to the airport bus)HuaGuoYuan twin towers 3 RACES (207 — 50 meters behind the start) – > HuaGuoYuan twin towers 1 RACES – cattle slope (your campus onishi) – on the slopes (Evergrande children’s world) – guiyang university city bus group qian shuang bus staff warm prompt, students back to school is about to begin, already bought the high-speed rail tickets or train students remember early booking on “qian shuang bus”,You only need to click the bottom menu “I want to take a bus” and “university travel” in the public number of Qianshuang bus, enter the booking page, select the required booking line, date, frequency, number of passengers to book the bus.Online customization, online payment, personalized travel, quality service.