Meghan markle has been revealed to be a ‘commoner’ who dreamed of becoming a princess after her blog revealed her pre-wedding ambitions

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Even those with a flair for public speaking and experience as a famous actor will eventually be caught.From marrying into the royal family to resigning from senior royal roles with Prince Harry, Meghan Markle has left her home country to live a celebrity life in a luxury home in the US, and has created impressive business interests with her nimble mind.But as expected, her lie was finally exposed.A blog post written by Meghan Markle before her wedding has been discovered, the Express reported on Tuesday (Feb 9).She is understood to have discussed the ‘pomp’ surrounding the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in an article published in 2014.Discussing the interest of “grown women” in becoming princesses, Meghan wrote: “Just look at the pomp and circumstance of royal weddings, many little girls dream of becoming princesses.”Meghan’s post was uploaded during an interview with Libyan Princess Arya Senussi.She shut down her blog called Tiger in April 2017 and then announced her engagement to Harry later that year.In a twist, after Meghan announced she and Prince Harry were stepping back from their royal roles, they gave a shocking interview to Oprah Winfrey last year, which was broadcast on CBS and ITV.The American talk show host is known to be a close friend of the couple and was a guest at their wedding.During the Sussex family’s sit-down chat with Oprah, Meghan was asked what she knew about the British royal family before she married Harry.”I would say I was naive to get involved because I didn’t know much about the royal family growing up,” she told Oprah.I don’t even know how to curtsey.Recent reports suggest the former actress may now be ready to restart her blog.Us lawyer Marjorie Waite Norman applied to trademark the blog name “Tiger” in July last year, and did so through holding company Frim Fram Inc, the Daily Mail reported.The firm is understood to be linked to Meghan’s business manager Andrew Meyer.It has to be said that meghan, who has been caught in a series of lies, is business-minded and is planning to relaunch her pre-marital blog, which may turn out to be profitable for her.With her versatility, brain power and earning power, it’s no wonder Prince Harry is willing to be the man behind her.