Li Jie went to investigate the spring opening and after-school services of schools directly under the city in 2022

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In order to further improve the quality of school education and teaching, promote the after-school service of compulsory education in our city.On February 17th in the afternoon, municipal committee of the education committee members, the city bureau of education of party members, deputy director li jie led letter coco Yangtze river flow yong and related cadres to the liberal arts high school south campus, east bay, guanghua school research school starts work, supervision inspection of school education teaching work, “ShuangJian”, after-school service JiangFei mention quality, etc. All the work.Comrade li jie in liberal arts high school south campus research investigation in guanghua school of comrade li jie comrade li jie in the east bay school investigation comrade li jie at work exchange meeting on comrade li jie, detailed understanding of the situation, epidemic prevention material reserve, the beginning of the class service, recommended books, homework assignments, student work and rest time, physical exercise and other aspects of the situation,We visited the school canteen, classrooms, teachers’ offices, campus cultural corridor and other places.Comrade Li Jie fully affirmed the work of the surveyed schools, and put forward suggestions on further optimizing management, enriching curriculum and improving mechanism for implementing the “double reduction” policy and carrying out after-school services.Comrade Li Jie stressed: first, adhere to the “five education at the same time”, implement the “double reduction” policy and “six management” (especially the operation management, to design more effective, interesting and personalized homework).The second is to carry out after-school services, do a good job of after-school service evaluation, so as to reduce the burden and improve the quality of both.Third, strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic, pay attention to the physical and mental health of students, create a safe, healthy and happy learning environment, and add luster to the high-quality development of compulsory education in Zhuhai.SCHOOL– Editor: Liu Jian First Review: Wu Wenxi Review: Song Yifan Contributed: Maoming Education Bureau basic Information Section Zhang Jian Statement: Reprint this article for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: