Chen Lei, chief director of 2022 Henan Spring Festival Gala: WHEN it comes to Spring Festival, I still get excited like a child

2022-06-22 0 By

On the evening of Jan 30, the 2022 Henan Spring Festival Gala was launched, attracting a lot of praise.This is after “Tang Palace Banquet”, “Luo Shen Fu”, “Dragon Gate” and other programs after the explosion of fire, Henan SATELLITE TV another hot circle.Chen Lei, chief director of the 2022 Spring Festival Gala, is relieved to see the audience’s positive feedback.Recently, he has been in the scene, in the background, in the computer room, in the state of work, to ensure the smooth progress of the Spring Festival Gala performance.This is the second time Chen lei has served as the gala’s general director since he joined Henan Radio and Television in 2006.The success of last year’s Spring Festival Gala dinner at Tang Palace made Chen determined to continue to cultivate traditional culture.”We wanted to be more affectionate and emotional than we were last year.”Chen Lei loves traditional culture. He hopes that the stage of the Spring Festival Gala directed by himself can not only show the connotation of traditional culture, but also convey the inheritance of emotion, responsibility, sense of responsibility, benevolence, justice, courtesy, wisdom and faith of modern people under the influence of traditional culture.He hoped it would not only be a gala, but also a memory of the Spring Festival for millions of viewers.”When it comes to Spring Festival, I am still excited and looking forward to it like a child.”In Chen Lei’s memory, the Spring Festival is lively, is the reunion.”When I was growing up, my grandmother lived in a suburb of Zhengzhou. She had bungalows with their own yard for her chickens and cats, and across from them was a big fish pond with lotus flowers.”Chen lei looks forward to Chinese New Year most. “When It comes to Chinese New Year, all of our family members gather at grandma’s house.”Although grandma’s family uses POTS to cook, the adults always compete to show off their cooking skills.Children or around the stove fire, or running to make, the yard full floating rice incense and laughter.In the evening, the whole family eat dumplings together, happy and harmonious.”Our New Year there, before dinner put a hang of firecrackers, such as midnight, we will come out to put a hang, the sky colorful, home beaming.”Every Spring Festival, Chen Lei is most excited about three things: wearing new clothes, having lucky money and setting off firecrackers.”Back home, many children do not know each other, but the neighborhood is very close.Soon, kids of the same age, about the same age, are getting along and playing really well.”Chen Lei misses the purity of his childhood and hopes to incorporate these memories into his directing works for the Spring Festival Gala.”‘ Yellow River Mud Baby ‘and’ Year of the Tiger ‘are nostalgia programs. We want to bring people back to the 1970s and 1980s to feel the past childhood and the beauty that was lost.”Chen lei understands that some traditional customs will gradually fade with the development of The Times, “this is the law of nature”, but he will still be with feelings and ideals, looking forward to more audiences to get empathy in the show.”Literature and art are about the people. We want to let people find themselves through universal content that everyone can understand.”Chen Lei expects that the audience, while appreciating and feeling beauty, “can also find the beauty around them, and can truly take home care, warmth and responsibility with them.”