Bluetooth solution | Lentz Technology Bluetooth intelligent sphygmomanometer solution

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With the improvement of living standards and the increase of living pressure, the incidence of hypertension is increasing year by year, the resulting complications such as stroke, heart disease, hemangioma, kidney failure and so on gradually become the main killer of human life.Although the traditional mercury sphygmomanometer is the most accurate blood pressure measurement, it requires certain professional operation technology, so it is difficult to be widely popularized in the family. Therefore, the intelligent electronic sphygmomanometer with relatively simple operation emerges at the historic moment and develops rapidly.Intelligent device is to use a variety of means of communication (bluetooth, USB line, WiFi, etc.), an electronic sphygmomanometer measurement data through the wisdom of uploaded to the cloud, or automatic timing, measure and record the user in real time the blood pressure values, intelligence analysis, the changes of blood pressure in a timely manner for continuous dynamic monitoring of hypertension patients and concurrent disease of a kind of intelligent medical equipment.Lentz technology has launched a Bluetooth smart blood pressure monitor solution. The device has a Bluetooth chip ST17H69 embedded in the blood pressure monitor, which transmits the measurement data to the mobile phone through Bluetooth, which is then uploaded to the cloud.Sustainability to monitor blood pressure of the individual, in the clouds kept continuous historical data, for the user to establish a permanent health records, and can analyze the users of health and disease, statistics, report and provide the best health and disease diagnosis, timely understand and track the user’s state of health and disease surveillance,Realize the new management mode of health and disease intelligent medical treatment.Measurement data can also be shared through the app.When parents measure blood pressure at home, the data will be uploaded to the cloud in time and synchronized to their family members’ mobile phones in real time. At the same time, other family members can also be invited to participate in the parents’ health management, so as to realize family sharing.The ST17H69 BLUETOOTH BLE5.2 chip is the latest 64-bit BLUETOOTH BLE chip from Lentz Technology. It has an ARM Cortex™-M0 32-bit processor, 128KB-8MB system memory, bluetooth protocol stack, and no longer takes up Flash space.64KB SRAM, partition use, can hold more user data in standby, can set up large buffer, support more complex functions.It supports LCD screen drive and has a 24-bit ADC, which can be used for blood pressure and oxygen applications, conforming to the SIG specification for AD hoc networking applications.Includes multi-node control, and 2 master and 4 slave simultaneously.The biggest advantage is reduced power consumption.Bluetooth of the previous generation receives peak current >13mA;The power consumption of MCU is 0.5mA/MHz;In low-power mode, the average current is greater than 40uA.ST17H69 chip features ARM® CortextM-M0 32-bit processor 128KB-8MB system flash memory,64KB SRAM2.4 GHz transceiver Bluetooth Low energysig-mesh multi-featurezigbee 3.0 multi-protocol System on 24bitAdc-20dbm to +10dBm Transmitting power Receiving current: 4mA @3.3V Transmitting current:4.6 MA@3.3v1uA@sleep (IO Wake up only)AES-128 Hardware encryption PDM/I2C/SPI/UART/PWM/DMA LenZ Technology has independently developed radio frequency and low power Bluetooth BLE5.2 chip and has global intellectual property rights.Aiming at AIoT Internet of Things field and individual consumers, we provide “common software and hardware” solutions and core devices of Bluetooth master integrated chip, supporting customized development of a full range of APP software platforms.The designed Bluetooth chip scheme is applied to smart wearable devices, Bluetooth indoor navigation, smart home, medical and health, sports building, data transmission, remote control, personal peripherals and AIoT Iot scenarios.The latest Bluetooth chip ST17H66 (SOP16) is equipped with a high performance and low power 32-bit processor. It supports Bluetooth®LE and Bluetooth 5.2 with multiple functions of SIG MESH.Key parameters: 256KB System flash memory 64KB SRAM, all data constant in sleep mode 2.4ghz transceiver Bluetooth Low EnergyBluetooth Mesh -20dbm to +10dBm Transmitting power Receiving current: 8mA Transmitting current:8.6mA0.3uA@sleep(IO wake up only)AoA/AoD azimuth determination AES-128 hardware encryption PDM/I2C/SPI/UART/PWM/DMA