Attention!Yueyang this intersection, the way of passage has changed

2022-06-22 0 By

Have you noticed the new changes at the intersection of Yueyang?So how the hell do we get here?What is the function of numbering?Simply put, look at the numbered lights in the lane!It is understood that the south entrance of mangrove Bay intersection set up three lanes, lanes and signal lights are numbered (as shown in the picture).There are three signal stages: south entrance release, north entrance go straight, South entrance Lane 3 go straight, west entrance turn left.Yueyang traffic police prompt the majority of driver friends, through the mangrove bay intersection, be sure to follow the lane number corresponding signal light instructions, to avoid traffic violations.Quickly forward to the moments to tell your friends!Source: Yueyang Evening News all media reporter Luo Kai part of yueyang traffic police