“You happy Spring Festival, we protect the lights, thousands of peace!”

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Li Chunke, secretary of the Party branch of Fengtang Village, “Fire!Fire!”On the afternoon of the third day of the lunar New Year, smoke billowed from the second floor window of a shop on Fengtang Street.At 5:40 PM on February 3, 2022, Li Chunke, secretary of the Party Branch of Fengtang Village, who was on patrol in Guozhiqiao, rushed to the scene immediately after hearing the news, and the fire was already burning.In order to quickly save people’s lives and property safety, he and the raging fire launched a fierce race against time.Climb up from the simple ladder, on the roof of the second floor into the fire scene, continuous use of multiple fire extinguishers, finally put out the fire.Comrade Li Chunke after the fire scene from the scene of the fire walked out of comrade Li Chunke, I do not know when the left hand cut a wound, blood dc.His family asked him, “What if there is an electrical explosion inside?Have you thought about your safety?””All I was thinking about was putting out the fire, thinking what if there were people in there?The safety of people’s lives and property comes first!I didn’t think about anything else.As a Party member and now a party branch secretary, I should rush to the forefront when the people need me.”Pragmatic, diligent!Is the village party committee government leadership and the masses of comrade Li Chunke’s universal evaluation.During the Spring Festival, he did not relax his work at all. He handled the accident properly, comforted the staff and provided follow-up assistance in a timely manner.Under the leadership of the township Party Committee and the township government, in order to ensure that the people spent a happy and peaceful Spring Festival, epidemic prevention and control, fireworks and firecrackers ban, fire safety, street governance and other work, Comrade Li Chunke insisted on inspecting the streets at least twice a day, in order to ensure a quick response, the first time emergency rescue.In epidemic prevention and control, feng tong village population flow, organization established chun-ke li village party organization as the core, the village committee, village doctor, policeman, volunteers, such as participation, prevention and control tasks shard bag piece, responsibility to the floor, linked to the home, implementing to the people, earnestly implement the principle of local administrator, woven tightly knit basic control network, quickly form a strong bulwark of the epidemic prevention and control.First, we will promote categorized governance.Fengtang village residential stream of people of various types, the situation is more complex.These areas can be preliminarily divided into four types: rural residential areas, commercial residential areas, mixed residential areas, street shops and so on.According to the needs of residents in different types of communities and the characteristics of the community environment, the subcontractor will guide and standardize the work, provide more refined prevention and control guidance, and avoid one-size-fits-all and expansion.Second, promote standardized construction of village committees and give full play to their leading role in epidemic prevention and control.The village committee is an important bridge and link between the party and the government to connect with the people, and plays an irreplaceable role in grassroots social governance.Guide village cadres “walk hundreds of doors, know hundreds of feelings, solution of hundreds of sorrow, warm hundreds of hearts”, check the situation of returning personnel, and strive to do not leak a family, not leak a person.Actively respond to the needs of the people.The capacity of village committees to organize democratic consultation, serve the villagers, and mobilize public participation in epidemic prevention and control has been strengthened.Comrade chun-ke li led the workers enter a nucleic acid In terms of living environment improvement, comrade chun-ke li led von pond administrative villages party leading role into full play, mobilize the masses the masses of party members and cadres in a concerted effort to participate in the residential environment renovation work, village CunMao had the very big improvement, the villagers the masses get feeling, happiness and security.Party building + Party members take the lead, combining points with aspects, and advancing pragmatically.Branch secretary chun-ke li led the village party members and cadres, proactively participate in the main road, small streets and small tunnel on clean governance, clean up the garbage, small ads, fly line, store management, the road on both sides of the straw heap, weeds, and the place of sundry, achieve all-round, high standards, clean up leave no dead Angle, at the same time increase the propaganda dynamics,To guide the masses to consciously and actively participate in environmental remediation work, for the construction of ecological livable, local customs and civilization of the beautiful village to lay a good foundation.In the festival of family reunion, countless grassroots workers like Li Chunke, they still stick to their posts.To ensure that the people spend a happy and peaceful Spring Festival, they are like a tiger, and always put the interests of the people first.