The longest and most moving farewell letter I’ve ever seen was destroyed by CJ

2022-06-21 0 By

It was the longest NBA player farewell letter I’ve ever seen, but also the most moving.There were no official expressions, not a whine of complaint, but love for the city.As CJ said, it’s impossible to spend nine years at a place like this without being affected, not by basketball, but by your soul.The article is too long, so I just want to share it with you.The night before the deal was made, Damien and I were in the locker room joking and chatting.My phone rings, and I always put on do not disturb mode until the trade deadline, so when it rings, it’s like a ringtone in a horror movie, and everyone stops moving.I came out into the hallway, and the agent told me that negotiations with New Orleans were ongoing, but not yet complete.He told me to hurry up, so I walked back to the locker room and said, no, I’m still here, guys.But obviously, when I left the arena that night, I knew it was probably the last time we’d ever be together, but it was nice to be able to leave on my own terms and not get a phone call in front of everybody or someone calling me out at practice, and the way it all happened was perfect.When Lillard finally came in and saw the jerseys on the chairs, he texted me and said damn bro, you really made me cry, I’ll never leave here, it’s not exactly the right way to say it, but this will always be my second home.Maybe we didn’t reach our ultimate goal, but that’s basketball, that’s life.Finally, if you have time, I recommend you read your most recent farewell letter in its entirety. It’s the most moving farewell I’ve ever read from an NBA player.