Script to kill “time” replay analysis + who is the murderer + the truth answer + password ending

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“Time flies” script kill revealed plot?Who is the killer of Time Flies?”Time” script to choose which role can customs clearance, script to kill the copy where to see?Story Introduction: There are always some dark corners in the world, where the bright sunshine can never reach.An online community called Wasabi, which is supposed to be a meeting place for like-minded people from far and wide, has given birth to a shadowy group that few people know about: Parents Are All Evil.Five different lives, but because of the family of origin and suffered great harm to the teenager, miraculously meet here.The mask of the network makes them fade the cold coat, and the offline party makes them regard each other as lifelong friends. The promise they made in their youth is always simple and beautiful, but when the waves of reality sweep by, can they still live their life in the drift of ups and downs and not forget their original intention?”Let us hide our friendship here, and may it last as long as the old tree that guards it.”Over the years, the most important thing is to reconcile with yourself.Redisc preview: “time” this script kill recently very hot, I believe that the old players are very familiar with.Then the first time to play “time” this script to kill friends, may be a little nervous, there are a lot of doubts in the heart.Due to space constraints, here is only a partial replay of the script to “Time Flies”,Complete checking the answer in the work, longitudinal, number to receive the liunian script kill _ complete checking + who the killer is + plot revealed the truth + password answer + + reasoning process, the organizers DM manual ‘methods — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — do a checking method for being: