“Jiang Zhao Dawn” : Su Rui about red into the shop “make a man”, no love, only calculation

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After he finished, he showed a crimson blush on his red cheeks.Leaning on Su Rui’s arms, she said softly, “Why are you so anxious?Aren’t you afraid of being caught?”Su Rui gathered Yu Hong into his arms and said, “If you are pregnant, you are born.I like anything that comes from you.”Yu Hong tearfully looked at Su Rui, glad that he finally found a man can entrust life.Yu Hong was born in a “son preference” family. From childhood to adulthood, her parents would try their best to do whatever her younger brother wanted.Lack of fatherly love from childhood yu Hong, eager to find a man who cherish their pain.However, Yu hong’s marriage was not so smooth.Until 3 months ago, Yu Hong met Su Rui, she finally found the feeling of heart.In the eyes of Yu Hong, Su Rui is love her, because he is willing to yu Hong, and Li Xiaonan divorce;Because he carefully observed that Yu Hong was allergic to seafood.So, Yu Hong on a spiralling out of control to sink in.However, Yu Hong did not find that su Rui’s commitment is nothing but a “calculation” in the name of love.Su Rui never love too much red, he loves only himself.1. Yu Hong, su Rui is the “outlet” of su Rui’s emotional catharsis. Su Rui is known as the “three good” husband.They seem to be a couple who envy others, but Su Rui’s mother said, “Li Xiaonan is a ruthless woman who does not cover her heat.”Because Li Xiaonan accompany Su Rui to go home every time, it is a ashamed eyebrow drooping eye shape, Su Rui’s mother always hate teeth itch.Su Rui is the only son of the Song family. He looks very talented and dependable.Before marriage, he had said to Li Xiaonan, “Xiaonan, I believe your sister must want you to be happy and well, and give her part of life to her.In fact, people in this life is very short, can be safe, no trouble to live, is already a very lucky thing.You will.”Li Xiaonan is very moved after listening, since the elder sister died, Li Xiaonan wants to look for a man who can give her a stable life all the time.Although Su Rui has no background or ability, and in Li xiaonan’s mother’s eyes, is not a suitable marriage candidate.However, Li xiaonan still rented the house, and Su Rui married.Because in Li xiaonan’s mind, Su Rui is that “perfect ordinary people”.However, ordinary people are “perfect”, but also due to the dull life.In order to have a house of her own as soon as possible, Li xiaonan worked hard, working during the day and setting up stalls at night markets.Tired every day, back home to fall asleep, completely forget and Su Ruixing “husband and wife ceremony”.Although Su Rui said nothing, he also complained about Li Xiaonan in his heart. He once said to Yu Hong, “Li Xiaonan is a workaholic who knows to make money to buy a house all day long, and there is no emotional appeal for life.”For Su Rui, Yu Hong is his emotional catharsis “export”, not only in front of her, to laugh at Li Xiaonan, but also to meet their needs, why not?Since I have known Yu Hong for 3 months, I have made voice calls every day during the rest time.We go to hotels at least twice a week.In order to win Hong’s favor, Su Rui is always as gentle as water. He will care about Hong’s allergy to seafood, and will also give her colorful lipstick.In front of Yu Hong, Su Rui always looks like he has Yu Hong in his future, in order to let Yu Hong believe that he loves her.Love makes people blind, Yu Hong really believed su Rui to his feelings, but also really pregnant children.Sitting in front of su Rui’s tombstone, Yu Hong lost her loved one and was in deep sorrow.She has a groundless hatred of Li Xiaonan, even wearing a red dress at Su Rui’s funeral, and hit Li Xiaonan.Contrast in red hysteria, Li Xiaonan did not grieve, she was very restrained looking at Red, as if all this had nothing to do with her.Finally, Li Xiaonan also advised Yu Hong to pay attention to the body, don’t catch a cold.Perhaps, Li Xiaonan also knew that Su Rui did not love too red.She just wants to let Yu Hong look forward, don’t for a man who is not worthy of love.But, yu Hong is deep-set among them however, wrong su Rui false tenderness really love.2. In order to get rid of the embarrassment of reality, Both Yu Hong and Li Xiaonan were su Rui’s “alternatives”. Su Rui was not attracted to Yu Hong when he first met her.Until Li Xiaonan’s colleagues compliment Yu Hong, said that there are a lot of houses in her home to be demolished, Su Rui to Yu Hong.Sometimes, between a man and a woman, do not need words, a look is enough.Su Rui offered to send Yu Hong home, Yu Hong looked at Su Rui coyly.It was this glance that opened their bottomless “love”.After Yu Hong and Su Rui entwine together, gave birth to the heart of envy to Li Xiaonan.In order to prove that su Rui love is himself, Yu Hong always want to occupy su Rui’s time.Su Rui will play good “divorce agreement” to get in front of Red, tell her she is ready to divorce Li Xiaonan, Yu Hong overjoyed, thought Su Rui is really love yourself.So he confessed his situation with Su Rui.Yu Hong’s father son preference, since the birth of yu Hong’s younger brother, the father will put all the love and house, to yu Hong’s younger brother.Although Yu Hong looks rich, actually there is no money under her name.Su Rui didn’t talk to Yu Hong about the house at first, until he was sure that Yu Hong had become his “bag”, Su Rui said tentatively: “When we get married later, we will change a bigger house, you have always envied others have a big cabinet can put clothes?”Yu Hong nodded, took su Rui’s words and said: “The house is really to change, I am living in that room, if my father knew, and you are the relationship, my father will certainly kick me out.”Su Rui’s face sank, “There are so many houses to be demolished in your house, and none of them are under your name?”Three months ago, when they just met Yu Hong, Su Rui boasted to Song Hu that he would soon be able to pay back the money.Now the desire fell empty, Su Rui will also lose interest in red, turned to put his energy back to Li Xiaonan.Because Su Rui knows, Li Xiaonan has been saving money, at least can come up with some money.However, Yu Hong can not accept su Rui sudden cold, repeatedly threatened su Rui with children, hope he can honor the promise, and Li Xiaonan divorce.Su Rui felt annoyed, he told Yu Hong, most hate others to threaten him.And from embarrassment to anger to strangle the red.At that moment, Yu Hong was so scared that she trembled all over. It took a lot of effort to finally get rid of Su Rui.Su Rui is not as steady and down-to-earth as he seems. He likes to take shortcuts.In order to make more money, Surui can completely no bottom line.This is as true for Hong as it is for Li Xiaonan.When su Rui just met Li Xiaonan, he did not have any special good impression on this timid girl.Until Su Rui is informed, Li Xiaonan is the sister-in-law of liang, the boss of the company, just subconsciously went close to her.Su rui only wanted to rely on Li xiaonan’s connections to help him in his work, but he never thought about doing anything down-to-earth.The company has long seen su Rui’s personality, did not put him in the eye.Su Rui refuses to accept, he also wants to stand out, then played “opportunistic” game, and carrying Li Xiaonan owe a lot of money.Song Hu is urging Su Rui to return money all the time, Li Xiaonan has met a few times, two people are husband and wife, be involved among them.Su Rui also asked Li Xiaonan for money, but Li Xiaonan did not give him money.Desperate under, Su Rui had killed heart to Li Xiaonan.A person who has never been sincere, after all, is always a “cold-blooded animal”.Su Rui did not love Li Xiaonan, he created the “three good” people set, are also pretend.3 su Rui’s sudden death, so that Yu Hong lost miserably Li Xiaonan was born sensitive, lack of security.Su Rui’s every move, Li Xiaonan had seen in the eyes.During sleep, Li Xiaonan inexplicable asthma attack.Su Rui lied to help her take medicine, but did not return for a long time, almost missed the best time to rescue Li Xiaonan;Li Xiaonan drives on the road as a result of working reason, because brake inexplicable breakdown however almost produces traffic accident.After many events, Li Xiaonan finally knew that it was a mistake to marry Su Rui.All say step by step wrong, wrong steps, it is difficult to get rid of their own wrong choice.Li xiaonan was lucky in this respect, because Su Rui died soon after.It is also because of su Rui’s death, Li Xiaonan can go back to ordinary, simple life.Compared with Li Xiaonan’s survival, Yu Hong lost miserably.For nearly three months, Su Rui’s phone records, and Yu Hong too close contact, she soon became a suspect.Thus, her relationship with Su Rui was also exposed to the public.Yu Hong unbearable colleagues gossip, quit the job;In the red brother because of this matter in the school can not lift the head, after his father learned, in the father became angry and ran to the red house to warn her, don’t do shameful things.”Why did you quit your job?Is it because stay in the unit can not go down, do that shady thing, ashamed.Do you know shame?”Yu Fu endlessly pressed, tore off the last layer of “FIG leaf”, with “son over girl” attitude, once again humiliated the heart fragile, stubborn appearance of Yu Hong.Yu Hong felt wronged, she did not understand why parents eyes only brother, but also gave birth to her.Yu Hong collapse ground to say, “you come to me this, be to suspect me to get in trouble your baby son, otherwise, I die, you also won’t come to see me one eye.”She had only said this in the hope of winning her father’s affection, but she had not expected him to say to her, “It serves you right if you die.”That moment, yu Hong to this cool thin human world, has no longer some nostalgia.Therefore, Yu Hong thought of Su Rui’s “good”.Dressed up and holding flowers, she came to Su Rui’s grave and said to herself: You are the first person who cares about my allergy to shrimp. You are so kind to me.It’s really great.But why did you die?In order to follow Su Rui, Yu Hong commits suicide.Thanks to Li Xiaonan arrived in time, Yu Hong just picked up a life.After Yu Hong woke up, Li Xiaonan advised her to look forward to live well.Compared with Yu Hong’s escapism, Li Xiaonan is much more sober.Such, not only because Li Xiaonan saw through the true features of Su Rui, but also because Li Xiaonan has love her mother and grandmother.”The moon is the hometown of Ming, people are hometown close.”Hometown is beautiful, because there are relatives.It is the same with home, because loving family, will be precious, can give people the strength of support.A person who can’t feel the warmth of family is doomed to be “cold-blooded”, because he doesn’t know how to love a person.Su Rui is like this. Although his parents regard him as “treasure” on their lips, they have never paid anything for su Rui.That Su Rui owes money in the outside, Su Fu Su mother only with his son away from the relationship, all the responsibilities are pushed to Li Xiaonan.Yu Hong is also such, she was used to parents from childhood to dote on her younger brother.Completely lost the bottom line of morality, in order to seize what they want, there is no way to judge what they do is right or wrong, there is no way to distinguish the true feelings and hypocrisy of others.Like a child who has never eaten sugar since childhood and yearns for sugar, as long as others shake the sugar in front of her, she does not care whether it is “calculated”.Romain Rolland once said: “Love is the flame of life, without it, everything becomes night.”Love has always been a necessity for any social group.A person who grew up without love, neither know how to be grateful, nor know how to understand others, they can not fall in love with anyone.That’s why he is like Su Rui. No matter li Xiaonan or Yu Hong, they are all ways or tools to achieve their goals for him.And for Yu Hong, she looks like su Rui love is not good, in fact, but su Rui as a pull their own shore of life-saving straw.In any case, for Su Rui and Yu Hong, the outcome is tragic. Although this is related to their choices, it also tells us that people need to grow up in a loving environment, only in this way can they truly learn to love.