Armour cobalt amine piece serves as nutrient nerve “carry son”, eat how long can stop medicine?Learn from

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In hospitals, there is no shortage of patients who take mecobalamin tablets. Many people feel their nerves return to normal after taking this kind of drugs. Therefore, mecobalamin tablets are also known as the bearer of nutritional nerves in the medical field.After taking human drugs, not only the nerves in the body will return to normal, but also some other complications caused by the nerves will gradually be alleviated.The effect and action of 01 armour cobalt amine tablet?The so-called mecobalamin tablet is actually a kind of vitamin medicine, mainly in the form of vitamin B12, the main ingredient is mecobalamin, usually used for the treatment of peripheral neuropathy.Patients are usually given white sugar coated tablets, which are taken orally to achieve certain therapeutic effects. Adults should take one tablet three times a day, but the doctor may increase or decrease the dosage depending on your specific symptoms.Many people do not know that mecobalamin tablets play an important role in the methylation reaction of homocysteine to methionine, which is conducive to promoting the utilization and metabolism of folic acid, inducing nerve normalization and achieving the balance of human metabolism.Therefore, mecobalamin tablets are often used to treat adverse diseases caused by neurological abnormalities in the brain.Compared with other B12 vitamins, mecobalamin tablets have better transmission, and are also conducive to the development of human nerve tissue, and can repair damaged nerve tissue faster and better, so it is often used in medical clinic for multiple neuritis, diabetes and anemia.Therefore, patients with anemia can supplement vitamin B12 to stabilize blood pressure.And this kind of drugs into the human body, will directly participate in the process of red blood cell formation, so for people with anemia, just like folic acid is an essential substance for the body, it can better prevent the symptoms of anemia, but also promote the use of folic acid in the body.When patients choose to take mecobalamin, they must use it correctly and reasonably with the approval of a professional doctor.Piece of 02 armour cobalt amine serves as nutrient nerve “carry son”, eat how long can stop medicine?There is no standard time limit for how long a drug should be taken before it can be stopped completely.Because the physical quality of each person is different, and the degree of disease development is also different, doctors will make decisions according to the different conditions of each person. If they stop taking medicine without authorization, the condition may worsen, and even affect their own recovery.If you are taking mecobalamin tablets for peripheral neuropathy and your symptoms do not improve after taking the medication for about a month, you should stop taking it at this point.If you take mecobalamin tablets to treat vitamin B12 deficiency and megaloblastemia, you should take them for a longer period of time.Some patients can even take mecobalamin for life after a doctor’s evaluation if they have no side effects.So the specific situation should be analyzed on a case-by-case basis.03 when taking a cobalt amine, also should pay attention to the following points in professional doctor’s advice zha don’t have this kind of drugs, patients must go to normal hospital, under the guidance of professional doctors will be more security, combined with its own specific situation to this kind of drugs properly, don’t blindly drug use, or is literally change the dose of drug.If you don’t follow the time and dosage directions, you can have all kinds of adverse side effects.If your condition is not suitable for oral administration, you can also choose to use intramuscular injection or intravenous injection, this situation also need to consult a doctor, if allergic condition, also need to stop the medication in time.Healthy New Year