Windows 11’s biggest update of the year is getting ready: a sneak peek at the exciting features Microsoft is developing

2022-06-20 0 By

Among the various improvements Microsoft is making for Windows 11 is support for an acrylic design style in the title bar of Win32 desktop applications.Microsoft is planning the change as part of its next Windows 11 preview, which could be delivered internally as soon as next week.In fact, Microsoft is now getting ready to roll out the first major update to Windows 11, and the first qualifying devices are expected to get it sometime in the next few days.But in the meantime, Microsoft is also working around the clock on several other exciting features, some of which will be made available to the Insider community first.If you’re part of the Windows Insider program, you probably already know that Microsoft has delayed two recent builds, one of which is support for the Apps folder in the Start menu.As it turns out, Microsoft ultimately decided that the apps folder should appear in the Start menu, having previously removed it with the launch of Windows 11.Application folders had previously been made available to Windows 10 users, although at the time they were actually groups of live tiles pinned to the Start menu that were nested within each other.A similar approach will be used this time, allowing users to create a folder by simply moving one app icon onto another.They can then drag and drop the ICONS they want into the same folder to make things more organized in the Start menu, regardless of the number of applications currently installed.As mentioned earlier, the feature will be coming to Insider’s computers soon, and production equipment should get it in the Sun Valley 2 update later this year.Finally, you can download the latest Windows 11 test and upgrade tool released by Hardware Dog. It takes only 5 seconds to quickly test and install the upgrade in one step: Click here to download