The power of reading

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There is gold in the book, there is beauty in the book.If there is a way to change your destiny in the world, I think reading can do it.Character and way of thinking determine destiny, in the important choice point of life, how important is thought.People in good health have a positive, stable mood, a calm attitude and are easy to get along with, giving people the feeling of refreshing breeze.People who are irritable are more likely to be prejudiced, in other words, ignorant.In the past one or two years, I feel like I have been reborn. The external environment has not changed at all. With the compound interest of time, I am learning and growing every day, and my happiness is getting stronger and stronger.So where does this happiness come from? It is reading.Success and celebrity biographies and psychology are my favorites.In the book, I understand that all the encounters and experiences are the things you should experience, all the arrangements are the best encounter, every step of the road is the way you should go.Not for the loss of pain, not for parting sad.It’s all about being a better version of yourself.Reading is the soul and soul communication, reading to resonate with, you will find that this world is inductive sympathize with, someone in the world of book grew up in a moment, a moment to understand a truth, grow up, a flash, put down, grow up, a flash, tolerance, grow up, moment understand the knowledge, the world is beautiful,The world was formed in one word — love.When you love the people or things around you from your heart, you will find that life is so beautiful, so that you understand that love is happier than being loved, that giving is happier than getting happiness, which is a kind of ability to get happiness, when you help others, do you feel particularly happy?Thanked the sort of frontal and tell me about the book I read those influence is the weakness of human nature “think and grow rich” “the power of the mind,” still waters run deep wisdom of life “” live out the meaning of life” freedom in the wealth in the world the most magical lecture 24 “positive discipline” analects of Confucius, the daodejing zhuangzi every read a book is on the purification of the soul of the soulThe promotion solved my mental dilemma.There are many creators in the headlines and I have learned a lot.This is what I especially like in the headlines. I have received love here, and I want to pass it on. Maybe one day, someone reading my article can bring them warmth for a moment, which is a kind of happiness.If you are in full bloom, breeze.When you start to love the world, you will find that the world loves you back. Let’s meet better ourselves and spread positive energy together