The FiVB officially announced that the schedule of China Women’s Volleyball National League was released, and Lang Ping finally arrived

2022-06-20 0 By

Beijing time on 27 January, rehearsing international official officer announced the 2022 world women’s volleyball national league career victory, this time the game model and last year’s national women’s volleyball league was obviously different, this year first take great game, against the grouping and the situation is according to last year’s ranking is finalized, every team will attend the three RACES,Each tournament will be held in a different country, and the top four teams will play in the final.The Chinese women’s volleyball team will play the Netherlands, Italy, Turkey and Thailand in its first stop in Ankara, Turkey.The second stop is in the Philippines pasai, has played with the United States, Dominican Republic, South Korea, Poland;The third race will be in Ufa, Russia, against Brazil, Dominica, South Korea and Poland.After these three games, China will not be able to play Russia, Serbia and Germany, among which Serbia is the only strong team China avoided, but the Chinese team this time the schedule is also very difficult.This year’s national women’s volleyball league thanks to this great pattern, and so accidental factors is bigger, which contains a lot of teams come to a new city need to adapt to the arena, including adapt to local climate conditions, at the same time every team in Asia opponent is different, and there are some teams are hard, some teams to easily,Some teams need to play consecutively, while others will not meet in three matches. Therefore, the new mode this year still gives The Chinese women’s volleyball team an opportunity.And with international rehearsing after official officer xuan fixtures, means that the national women’s volleyball league kicks off has entered the final countdown stage, the event will be formal war, at the end of April and the international rehearsing officer xuan, for Chinese women’s volleyball team is a big good news, because it will greatly accelerate the selection of Chinese women’s volleyball team to work on,We urge the Volleyball Association to finalize the selection of the head coach of the national women’s volleyball team as soon as possible, and then start preparing for the match as soon as possible. After all, time is running out and the Chinese women’s volleyball team needs to start training immediately. The official announcement of THE FIVB can be seen as accelerating the selection process of the head coach of the women’s volleyball team.This time the Chinese women’s volleyball team will be successively with Italy, the United States, Brazil and other top teams missed, so for young Chinese women’s volleyball team is an opportunity to exercise, do not consider this time the game result, we can seize the victories of the game, with the world top teams training, improve their international experience and confidence at the same time,It also lays a solid foundation for the recovery and rise of The Chinese women’s Volleyball team in the future, which is also what Lang Ping has been looking forward to. After the official announcement of the schedule of the FIVB, Lang Ping finally waited for this moment.